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    Originally posted by Wicked Cricket View Post
    I'm not weighing one way or the other on the "publicity" thing, what surprised me if not shocked me was that he had been with multiple women, frankly I didn't think he had it in him.
    This is the part of the story that gave me doubts that it was even true.
    So who and where are all these women?
    Nobody I know is gonna take my rock & roll away from me.


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      A lot of the rockstars are using their popularity to sleep around with other women and it has always been like that. All the drugs and alcohol that they are consuming, it must be really hard to get it up. Alcohol is something that leads to ED and it did that for me. Now I can't have sex without levitra precio. It is something like viagra, but even better for your health. It does the job well and getting it online for a great price is really convenient.
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