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"Snowblind" about cocaine, well, yeah. . .

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  • "Snowblind" about cocaine, well, yeah. . .

    In a March 1972 interview with Ozzy (published in July 1972 in Creem), Ozzy says: "You can interpret ['Snowblind'], I suppose, as being about taking cocaine."

    You suppose? Was that not already obvious, Ozzy? haha. In live concerts at this time (mind you, this was before the album was recorded), he would say or sing the word "cocaine" after each verse. So, it's not like he was exactly hiding the song's meaning!

    I'm guessing that was a watered-down answer for the general public. But he did tell Creem a year prior that they were working on new songs in a cottage getting "loaded all the time" (this is referring to the May/June 1971 writing sessions at Rockfield), so it's not like he was hiding their drug use!

    I just find these statements funny, so I thought I'd share with you all. . .


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    Originally posted by Interviewer View Post
    You were joking when you said that ofcourse
    Originally posted by Ozzy View Post
    "Yeah right..."
    95% of everything i say is pure bullshit just for the fun of it. The other 95% is damn serious!
    Til įrs ok frišar ok forn sišr


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      Ozzy was about as subtle as Cheech & Chong:

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        We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.