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Question about 'The Story Of Black Sabbath' documentaries

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  • Question about 'The Story Of Black Sabbath' documentaries

    I have the Sanctuary DVD reissue and the aspect ratio is completely wrong. First off it's been cropped to 16:9 but some of the segments are also stretched differently! I assume the original VHS release must have been in 4:3. Were the aspect ratios also different there? And most importantly does anyone have a digital transfer of the original VHS/laserdisc version?

    Second of all, I haven't got the DVD reissue of the second volume and was wondering if the promo videos are included in full or if it's just excerpts. Thanks!

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    I still have both the VHS volumes that I bought back in 1992-ish. I have not seen the DVD versions so I cannot make comparisons with the aspect ratios.

    One thing that pissed me off was that on Volume I they did show most of the Ozzy-era footage in its entirety (like the live shows in Paris in 1970 and even the lip-synchs of a TV show in Belgium) with minimal voice-overs but on Volume II for the most part they only showed a few minutes (or even seconds in the case of "Zero The Hero") of each clip with lots of talking over it.

    My preference would have been to show the performances and videos unadulterated, as-is, and talk about them afterward.
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      Yes, the original VHS is 4:3. I don't have a digital transfer of it so I can't do a comparison with the DVD at this time. To be honest I was bummed when the DVD came out cropped and I haven't watched it much. The Cal Jam footage is in color, which is sort of an upgrade since it was black and white on the VHS and there are some interview extras added for the DVD release. I will pull out the VHS this weekend and do a comparison. If you can, let me know some specific footage where you noticed this on the DVD.

      The laserdisc has been transfered and circulates among collectors. Although I was offered a copy at one point, for some reason, most likely lack of hard drive space, I passed.


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        Just had the chance to compare the VHS and the DVD and you are correct. The aspect ratios on the VHS are fine. The aspect ratios of the different clips on the DVD have randomly been stretched, especially noticeable in the interview footage, but also present in some of the live footage. My guess is that when they cropped it for 16:9, it cut off tops of heads etc, so they adjusted the ratios clip by clip.

        I was actually surprised at how bad the DVD looks. Someone more knowledgable than me can probably explain the deteriorated quality on the DVD. Although it is remastered, the colors are much brighter, etc, it doesn't look like it's from the same original source. It looks like it's transfered from a first generation copy, or the original source had deteriorated between 1992 and 2002. Or, it could just be a very bad remaster.