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harmonica in 70s

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  • harmonica in 70s

    Has anyone heard why Sabbath didn't* play "The Wizard" live in the 70s and why Ozzy, for a while, stopped playing harmonica? Any interviews or anything? The only thing I've found so far is an interview in a French magazine from just before making Master of Reality saying that Ozzy is thinking about playing some on their next album, but his harmonica playing "c'est fin."

    *It's possible they did, but I have yet to see any evidence that they did.

    It seems odd that they would omit it considering they didn't have many originals to pull from to create a set list. There are two plausible reasons that I've been thinking about: 1) Ozzy, and/or others, weren't confident with his technical capabilities on the harmonica, and/or 2) they were trying to shed their blues roots and image and be "heavy rock" and the use of a harmonica kept them closer to the blues.
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    The Wizard is one of my favorite songs.