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The Rarest Breakthrough Since Live In Dumfries SLEEPING VILLAGE / WARNING LIVE 1970!

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    Originally posted by BlackSabbathOddities View Post
    This is a groundbreaking and amazing recording uploaded by Andy Wattson. Sleeping VIllage live in 1970! With a second verse. This is the only recording known of Sleeping VIllage with 2 verses and it is honestly groundbreaking. As a Sabbath fanatic, I am lost for words, this is something I have wanted for a very VERY long time. I have already backed it up and will upload if taken down. Here it is:

    Translated Lyrics:
    Red sun rising in the sky
    Sleeping village, cockerels cry
    Soft wind blowing through the trees
    Peace of mind, feel at ease

    Childs crying, in its bed.
    Feel its needed, to be fed
    No one comes, to this child
    So it lies there, til it sleeps.
    Unbelievable find. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Can I suggest one edit to the new verse? I would say "For its needed,to be fed" based on what I hear.

    So incredible to actually have something new to analyze!

    All the best...……...


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      Amazing stuff. The jazzy licks around the nine minute mark sound a lot like what would eventually become the Planet Caravan solos.


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        This is great!!


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          I'm trying to see if I can burn these to a CD.
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