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"Sabbath: The Black Princes of Downer Rock" in Sounds (which issue?)

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  • "Sabbath: The Black Princes of Downer Rock" in Sounds (which issue?)

    Does anyone know which issue (and page #) from Sounds the article pictured below comes from? (I'm assuming Sounds because it's written by Martin Hayman)
    I'm guessing it's January 1972, with the interview happening earlier that month (or even late December) for two reasons:
    1) they are in London recording a new album (which would become Vol. 4), which they were doing in January. Unless it's from June 1972, when they returned to London to finish Vol. 4. Also, Bill was sick (in hospital), so they hadn't started recording yet, so maybe it was earlier (in late December or early January?).
    2) The article also mentions three upcoming U.S. tours with two-week breaks, so I'm guessing that would have been the March, July, and late August/early September tours of 1972. It's odd they don't mention the Feb 1972 tour in England, though, so which made me think it was from June.