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What if Tony's accident hadnt happened?

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  • What if Tony's accident hadnt happened?

    What if Tony's accident hadn't happened? would there be any Heavy Metal would Sabbath's sound be different, would he be an even better player??!! Was it an act of the Lord Of This World that cut his fingers? Tony's always said there's been the feeling of a 'fifth member' watching over them ... "you made me Master of the world where you exist.." what if?!
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    You can say that about all the members of Sabbath. They all had to be together to have the sound and music that they created. I'm just glad they did. We all are born with some gift, some more some less. The issue is knowing what it is and taking full advantage of it.


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      Well, we know the guitar tuning would have been different. I think Sabbath still would have gone for a dark message, because they probably still would have been into horror films, after all the band was named after the Boris Karloff film. I think the message of Sabbath would be the same, but all the note structures would be different.