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Seventh Star/Eternal Idol 2CD remasters on the way

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    Originally posted by MattSabb88 View Post
    Just pre-ordered both albums from for 21.92 GBP. That equals out to about 34 USD for the both of them including the shipping. Not a bad deal considering it's four CD's of material (including the long overdue official release of the Ray Gillen version of Eternal Idol), and their being shipped all the way across the pond.
    Cool!! I need to do the same!!!
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      I pre-ordered them at for 8.95 GBP each.


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        I'm curious, is anyone is going to switch the track order on Ray's EI to be the same track order as TM's EI or just going to listen as it is. I'm going to do the first option to feel consistent with both track listings.

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        I ordered Eternal Idol and Mob Rules just now to replace my previous CDs. Seventh Star I already got years ago from Best Buy. And previously said, got the bootleg of the second disc (Ray Gillen live show).
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          This is fantastic news for every Sabbath fan, regardless if you are a fan of this era of the band's history or not. It singles a new found willingness on Tony's part to authorize (or not oppose) official releases of outtakes and other archival material. Let's hope we get more of these kind of releases.

          I will definitely be buying both releases and hope many do. The best way of insuring other albums get similar treatment is by supporting those efforts with my wallet.


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            I might get EI just for the Gillen mix. Not a big fan of Martin's rendition but Ray Gillen just fucking slays!


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              I got the CD of The Eternal Idol when it was still in print domestically but my copy of Seventh Star is the Castle remaster (UK pressing).

              My copy of Born Again is German. I don't think it was ever released here in the US on CD.

              I don't have any of the bootlegs (Born Again masters), even though I've looked for them on Evilbay and elsewhere.

              I've wanted to hear the originals of EI not only because of wanting to hear Ray Gillen sing those songs, but also because Bob Daisley has said that the original mix had his bass more prominent than the finished album.

              I really doubt that Tony Iommi is going to allow any of the tapes with Jeff Fenholt to be officially released, given that he's tried so hard over the years to distance himself from Fenholt.
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                I'm a little bummed the live show is the abridged set list from "Ray Rules" and not the full show from "Sphinx". The full show definitely has moments you'd want to keep.


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                  Black Sabbath Releasing Deluxe Editions Of Mid-80s Albums (with Ray Gillens Vocals!!)

                  (RTTNews) - Black Sabbath will release deluxe editions of two of their mid-80s albums this fall, according to the band's official website.

                  1986's Seventh Star and 1987's Eternal Idol will be re-released as deluxe discs in the U.K. on October 25. Though the records only feature one original member of the band, guitarist Tony Iommi, they have a significant cult following.

                  Ray Gillen performed lead vocals with the group in the time leading up to Eternal Idol, but fled the band in favor of Badlands before the record could be released. Tony Martin was eventually brought in to re-record all the vocal tracks for the record.

                  The new edition of Eternal Idol will feature a second disc with Gillen's original vocal tracks.

                  The re-release of Seventh Star will feature the original 1986 album remastered in its entirety, showcasing former Deep Purple singer Glenn Hughes. In addition to the remasters, Seventh Star will also be packaged with the U.S. remix of "No Stranger To Love." A second disc will feature a performance by the then-unknown Gillen singing lead at a June 1986 Sabbath show in London.

                  No American release date has been set for either album yet.

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                    Yes!!! About time.


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                      Discussion is already going on here:


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                        i know its not important to mention it here...
                        but shouldn't this post go to the General forum?
                        its not only a Martin Era... its also about Hughes and Gillen Era too...


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                          Tony Martins response to the New Deluxe edition o EI?

                          Has he made any kind of statement on this?


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                            The CD covers and more info can be found here

                            Check out the back of the Eternal Idol cover for a special thanks to Joe Siegler and site shoutout to!!
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                              Originally posted by miracle View Post
                              Has he made any kind of statement on this?
                              I imagine he won't mind much. It puts his name "out there" and brings attention to his work and his part in Sabbath's history. It puts some money in his pocket too. That never hurts one's opinion.


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                                Originally posted by miracle View Post
                                Has he made any kind of statement on this?
                                Yeah he did. He said "thank god this is coming out. It's only gonna sell like 100 copies but I can really use the extra 25 bucks that'll give me"

                                He didn't really say that but It would be funny if he did
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