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  • Wolverhampton 1990

    Just listened to this show, and what a bloddy great show it is. I have not listened to live Martin era stuff for years, but on the evidence of this show they were a great live band.

    TM's voice is sensational, especially compared to CPLive, and they play some songs from TYR that they never rarely played again I think.

    After flying 6000 miles to see them shortly after this show only to have them cancel on the day!! I was pretty pissed off, now I am even more so when I hear what I missed.

    This was a great live band, pity........


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    Re: Wolverhampton 1990

    It's one of my favourites from the Martin era... killer setlist, especially if you're a fan of TYR. Nice quality for audience recording as well.


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      Re: Wolverhampton 1990

      I agree with you RF, I have this show for a couple of days only ,but I have listened to it quite a few times. My fauvorite parts are the bass solo turning into Heart like a Wheel, jazz guitar solo (not the usula Iommi kinda stuff). Also The sabbath Stones are just fabulous !


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        Re: Wolverhampton 1990

        It's tough to find shows with Tyr songs on them!


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          Re: Wolverhampton 1990

          could you post the set list?


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            Re: Wolverhampton 1990

            Gates of Hell
            Anno Mundi
            Neon Knights
            Headless Cross
            When Death Calls
            War Pigs
            The Shining
            Bass Solo
            Heart Like A Wheel
            Guitar Solo
            The Battle of TYR
            Sabbath Stones
            Drum Solo
            Odins Court
            Sign Of The Southern Cross
            Feels Good To Me
            Iron Man
            Children Of The Grave
            Black Sabbath
            Guitar Solo
            Die Young
            Heaven and Hell

            The TYR songs appear to go over really well, and the sound excellent, fuck knows why they dropped them. The set list took a serious turn for the worse later in the tour. There are some nice touches to the songs and playing as well. martin introduces Murray before the wrong song, Cozys solo is great.

            And best of all someone near the tape recorder wondering why the never played Valhalla

            Anybody know why? Anybody see these shows, were they as good as the sound??



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              Re: Wolverhampton 1990

              I've been trying like hell to complete this show. I'm missing 5 tracks:
              2-Anno Mundi
              14-Drum Solo
              22-Die Young

              I'd be eternally grateful to anyone that could help me out with that.


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                Re: Wolverhampton 1990

                Isn't this the gig with an extra long set, including several things that were never played anywhere else?

                Edit: I just saw the set list post a few above this one. Yes, it is this gig. It's a great set list. Wish I could have seen it in person. The Tyr tour never made it to the US - thanks Dio! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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                  Re: Wolverhampton 1990

                  damn! that is quite a freakin' set list!



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                    Re: Wolverhampton 1990

                    Not the best sounding bootleg, but the best setlist for sure!
                    I love the first dates, you can often find never-played-again songs, like Angry Heart in Seventh Star tour, Falling off the edge of the world in Mob Rules tour (ok, they played it twice), and so on...


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                      I WAS THERE!!
                      Dudley is about 6mile from wolvo. I was sat in the balcony facing stage, it wasn,t sold out. circus of Power were support & i remember loud. Remember it was quite relaxed as it was first night, so did have some breaks between songs longer then normal. They had to give Cozy oxygen after solo, Think before paranoid Tony IO did the "thats all folks" before leading into it. Had friend who had given up on sabs at that point say the singer was lot better then he expected. It was only 3 days after my mother had died, so it was a strange night for me & my sister, but it was a great event. Wish i had recorded


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                        It would be incredible to have good quality live recordings of those tours when Tony Martin was healthy and hadn't damaged his voice by performing while sick. He had such glorious pipes!


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                            Doctor John, says Wolverhampton is available.
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                              The best sounding version is called TYR Lives which is mastered from the original tape.

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                              This my upload, cool. I almost forgot about it!
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