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    Originally posted by EDTRADER View Post

    see one of TM's better 1989 performances here.
    Thanks for sharing this! this is my single fav Martin era song and I've been searching for a live version for a very long time.


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      One of the best live performances of Tony Martin IMO is from a concert in Osnabrück, Germany in 1990. His voice is really god and hitting the high notes quite well:

      There's more from this concert on uploaders channel.
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        I think the reason why they used taped choruses for songs like Headless Cross and When Death Calls is the fact they have so many layers of the vocals on the album versions, there was no way they could replicate the sound of the chorus properly with just Martin and Nicholls singing the lines alone - those layered vocals were a big part of choruses on several songs off Headless Cross and TYR.

        Interestingly, I've noted that they used the layered choral vocals (the Latin passage) from Anno Mundi pre-recorded during the TYR tour, but they didn't during the Cross Purposes tour when it was brought back into the set (or at least they didn't on Cross Purposes Live).


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          They're not pre-recorded.. Geoff is triggering the backing vocal samples on his keyboards.
          I don't really consider this cheating. It's still being worked manually and controlled by a member of the band. Nicholls sang quite a bit of them too.