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On rescuing Tony Martin's career and legacy

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    Originally posted by gazinwales View Post
    Live album good idea, but Iommi has the rights to the songs, will he let TM use them and publish a live CD/DVD?
    Don't know......ehh, thought he could do it as covers, but probably you're right he should pay for doing that.
    "I don't sound like nobody"


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      Originally posted by PTC View Post
      I think we're all forgetting the realities of the Tony Martin Era. Sabbath were a joke at the time, poor selling rather lame albums and live shows in almost empty venues, and that's not hearsay, I was at almost every UK show the band done with Tony Martin.

      Tony is a great singer, but it all should have been an Iommi solo project and I'm kinda glad that the era's been quietly written out of Sabbath's official history. Sabbath are again well regarded and have restored their legacy in the public minds despite not having Bill on board, that's both masterful and cynical marketing.

      Another thing. At every show Tony Martin said the same things between every song every night, and every night he described where he was as "The Black Sabbath Project". It made me cringe 25 years ago and today it just shows me the reality of what was going on then - Iommi and bunch of hired hands dragging the band's name through the dirt.
      But what about TM now?
      "I don't sound like nobody"


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        Originally posted by bulik View Post
        But what about TM now?
        Good luck to him. He's got a great voice and he needs to find the right place for it so people can hear it.


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          TM copped the shaft from Tony Iommi, not once, not twice, but THREE times.

          First time: booted to make way for Dio in 1991.

          Second time: brought in to "rescue" the Dehumanizer sessions when it appeared Dio wasn't working out (or because he and Cozy Powell could not get along). Booted when RJD came back.

          Third time: just allowed to fade away without being told after Forbidden.

          In Garry Sharpe-Young's book TM talks at length about how after Forbidden he was never actually told he was fired...just more or less a "Tony Iommi's doing some different things now."

          He said that getting Ozzy back was ALWAYS on Tony Iommi's mind and he often felt like he was just filling a space until that happened...and that is exactly what happened in the late '90s.

          I always thought it was a damn shame. He is my favourite Sabbath singer, along with Dio, and a hell of a trouper. Cozy Powell even said so, praising his reliability and saying "he's not like some singers who have to have tea with honey and lemon, etc."

          A big part of the problem was that he was never actually friends with Tony Iommi - their relationship was just an employer/employee framework, but within that framework he did a hell of a job.

          The difference with him and other Sabbath singers post-Ozzy was that he was the only one who didn't have a "name" and career prior to Black Sabbath.

          Ronnie James Dio had been recording with Elf, Rainbow and on Kansas' Kerry Livgren's solo album (in the late 70s/early 80s Kansas were quite big here in the States).

          Ian Gillan - Deep Purple, Gillan (although the Gillan band were almost unknown here), Jesus Christ Superstar.

          Glenn Hughes - Trapeze, Deep Purple, Hughes-Thrall (the first CD I ever bought and still play it regularly).

          I think that Iommi was looking for kind of a Dio/Coverdale (as many know, DC was asked several times to join Sabbath) hybrid and that's more or less what TM is.

          They did great with him in Europe, but here in the U.S. Sabbath = Ozzy's backing band (slight exaggeration, but just).

          If The Devil You Know had come out as a Sabbath album here it probably would have tanked because Ozzy wasn't on it, no matter how good it was. Tony Iommi wasn't stupid in not using the Sabbath name.

          Thank God I got to see TM sing with Sabbath on the Cross Purposes tour. He had to introduce himself to the audience because most of them didn't know who he was.

          He made at least one convert on the night. A guy next to me said "I've never heard of this singer but he's got one hell of a voice!"

          He has (rightly) said he would never work with Black Sabbath again.

          If Ritchie Blackmore ever decided to pick up the Strat in earnest again, TM would be a terrific singer for him, I think.
          He is not here. He has risen!