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  • Did this actually happen?

    Taken from another forum;
    Off topic, but just for the craic as you mentioned Gillan - some time in the 90s (can't remember exactly when, but going by timelines of those involved it would have been mid to late 90s) I went to see Black Sabbath at the Colston Hall in Bristol. Tony Martin was their lead singer at the time, but he didn't show for the Colston Hall (and a couple of other gigs either side), apparently due to illness (although in hindsight, there was probably something else going on behind the scenes). Anyway, Gillan filled in on these nights. It must've been fairly last minute, cos he forgot some words and missed a couple of cues. Interesting gig, though.
    I don't know much about the Tony Martin era but always assumed that Gillan never sang with Sabbath again after the Born Again tour.

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    I am not 100% sure but I do not think this is true. Ian Gillan did sing on an encore with the Martin fronted Sabbath.


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      Looking at the 1989 tour dates, this guy was at the Bristol gig where Ian sang on the encore.

      I'd say this guy just has his facts (or memory) a little confused.

      Other than that, the description doesn't match up.


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        Ian Gillan preformed encores with Sabbath for two nights on the Headless Cross tour: Bristol September 1tth and Copenhagen September 15th.

        On both occations the band preformed Smoke On The Water with Ian and Paranoid with both Ian and Tony.


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          False, Tony never missed a show the years he was there.
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