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The Officiial "Headless Cross" Thread

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  • The Officiial "Headless Cross" Thread

    Let's analyze each song and talk about it in general.
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    Re: The Officiial "Headless Cross" Thread

    I love that record. I don't have time to analyze each song, but I'll say that my favorite tune is "Devil & Daughter". What a great, great song.
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      Re: The Officiial "Headless Cross" Thread

      Oh, don't let me started about this album.

      I really love every single note of it, and , in my opinion, this is the best TM era album. (Well, I seriously think that this is THE best Black Sabbath album in general, but hey, don't tell anyone, somebody could hurt me).

      Many people dislike this album because it has a recurent theme: the devil, the death, etc. As I said, I think it's kind of cool with a theme album. Tyr had a more mythological theme and Cross Purposes was an album about social problems. Headless Cross is about mithological concerns about the devil, death and the obscure. While some people may consider the lyrics to be sometimes silly, I must point out that these lyrics are NOT to be taken seriously. You want serious lyrics, go and listen to Cross Purposes. Or better, listen to Bob Dylan.

      The songs:

      "Gates of Hell". This is the introduction to this fantastic journey. This little instrumental by Geoff Nichols sets us in the mood for what will come later. 8/10

      "Headless Cross". This is the main song in the album. It's therefore a paradox that this is the song that I like the least. It's not a bad song, but I do find it a little monotone and repetitive. If there is one thing that shines here is Martin's voice, hitting the hight notes on the chorus. This is also the introduction to the new drummer in the band: the one and only Cozy Powell (miss you). 8/10

      "Devil and Daughter" Ok, NOW we are talking. This one is a hell of a song. Energy, musicality, and power. You can hear a very tigh band here. Tony's voice really goes upp and down the whole scale here, singing with a raspy voice "Let no one put assunder the power of the pain" and later climbing right up to the moon with "He is the master of hell riding agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinn". The lyrics are wacky but a lot of fun. 10/10

      "When Death Calls" OH...MY...FUCKING...GOD, I am not worth to event comment this one. Where I begin: Iommi, his riff here is terrific, very memorable, heavy, clean. The solo, by Mr. Brian May is a lot of fun to listen to. The song is long, epic, and never gets boring. The chorus "When death calls" must be one of the more easy to remember of the whole BS discography and even people that listen to the song for the first time are able to remember it. The lyrics are based on a dream tha Tony Martin had where, in his dreama, he was dying. When the "Don't look in those sunken eyes, Don't look and you'll stay alive" part begins, how many of you don't think about Dio? This part and the way MArtin sings it with his Dio voice could have fit perfectly on Heaven and Hell. 10/10

      "Kill in the Spirit World." Another classic. I really, and I mean, REALLY love the lyrics here.
      "Did you see another in black
      Is the blood in your veins running colder
      If you did then there's no turning back
      As the spirit world turns to the alter"
      This song has a very memorable melody too, and after the somehow dark "When Death Calls", this one is a lot lighther and I always got a "feel good" feeling after listening to it. I really, really doubd that any other sabbath singer, Dio, Guillan, hell, even Hughes can sing the part "when heaven is closer, it's pleasure and pain. " the way Marting sings it. Gotta have SERIOUS PIPES here. 10/10

      "Call of the Wild" - A good song, but one of my less favorites in the disc.I like the leading break, the drums, and Martin's voice here. 8/10

      "Black Moon" - Another Rainbow sounding song. The only thing I don't like in this song (and in the album in general) is the very generic bass . I can't remember any memorable bass part in this album, and in this song, there is a HUGE need for a good bass. 9/10

      "Nightwing". Warning, hold your breath when the cat sings "Nightwing flies agaaaaiiinnn". This must be the peak sustained note in any sabbath album. I am not talking about screams a'la Gillan or soulfoul vibrato notes a'la Huges. I am talking about this: unmatched power, emotion, technical singing. IMO the best Tony Martin performance in his whole career. I LOVE the intro to the song and the solo (holy fuck, there is a bass here too:-)). 10/10

      Bonus: "Cloack and dagger". It's a sin that this song was only included for the japanes release and that only a few people know about it. IMO, this is one of the best songs of the whole album, very bluesy, and with Martin sounding a lot like Coverdale. 10/10

      Conclusion. I have been listening to this album since 1989, several times a month. This cannot be said about most of the other albums I own. I listen and love all Sabbath's eras, but I find my self returning to this gem everytime I want to here to something special.


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        Re: The Officiial "Headless Cross" Thread

        Thanx for your reply. 100% agree with "Cloak & Dagger" thing.
        "I don't sound like nobody"


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          Re: The Officiial "Headless Cross" Thread

          Great album. THe only bad thing I can say about HC is that there could've been a little less processing on Cozy's drums, and the toms sould've been a litle louder. Other then my drum knit-picking, Headless Cross kicks ass!


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            Re: The Officiial "Headless Cross" Thread

            It is a fucking great album! Really special!

            'When Death Calls' is easily one of Sabbath's finest songs IMO! It's an epic song, with an incredible chorus, and it just doesn't leave your head!

            Top, top music!!!


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              Re: The Officiial "Headless Cross" Thread

              I do like the line in When Death Calls when he says "Don't laugh in the face of death or your tongue will blister". Very cool