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Chronicide - "Anno Mundi" cover

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  • Chronicide - "Anno Mundi" cover

    Official Iommi page posted this today.

    "It is not opinion that Ozzy peaked on Sabotage, it is a measurable fact."

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    Originally posted by Jeff View Post
    Official Iommi page posted this today.

    I do believe she may be a very true Sabbath fan. Awesome cover, maybe the best I've heard.


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      Good to see the Martin material get some recognition by being covered.

      Thank you Jeff.
      "Without Black Sabbath there never would have been an Ozzy, and without Ozzy there never would have been a Black Sabbath"
      "If there ever was a band whose voice is so significant and distinct, that band is Black Sabbath and the voice is Ozzy Osbourne"
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        That was great!! Thanks for the vid Jeff
        Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law


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          Excellent. Thanks for posting Jeff.


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            Wow, that is some good stuff.

            I really like the singer's style/vocal texture. Thanks for the share!


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              Wow...that is awesome and you really don't hear a lot of Tony Martin era being covered.


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                Originally posted by Jeff View Post
                Official Iommi page posted this today.

                Of course this tribute is the most magnificent cover of this great song! What a huge way to advertise the upcoming album and make yourself known in the metal community.

                This song obviously demands that everyone in the band delivers one's absolute best, like there's no tomorrow.

                It's crystal clear that this singer has a very unique, colourful, powerful and controlled voice full of female seduction. And she looks just incredibly hot, with that long hair, that tight leather vest, those bracelets and 10/10!

                The whole band here deal their top performance, that's for sure. I just wish they had filmed this most kick-ass drummer as well!

                Hey, this album is a must buy!
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