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Pro Shot Footage With Bill Ward

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  • Pro Shot Footage With Bill Ward

    Is the footage floating around from that one date? I noticed the Kiss show was seeded on a site and it was the same date as Sabbath, which they were opening for. So I looked in the tour dates and seen that it was filmed for TV. Is this footage floating around in any form?

    And I know the audio is floating around, but I'm wonderinf if a video exists.

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    Re: Pro Shot Footage With Bill Ward

    There are 2 sources on video, i have both in VHS. Audience (complete concert) and MTV Brazil version (only 45 min.). Unfortunately I don't have the equipment to tranfer it to DVD!I have both in audio too. It was August, 27, 1994 at Monsters of Rock Festival in São Paulo, Brazil.

    We had Angra, Dr.Sin, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Sabbath, Slayer and Kiss and other bands I cannot remember right now.