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  • Demos

    Are there any demos from The Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, TYR and Cross Purposes aavaialble somewhere?

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    Re: Demos

    Eternal Idol with Ray Gillen is the most obvious one. Tyr are just had some rough mixes. As far as Headless and Purposes gone, I don't know.
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      Re: Demos

      The most obvious Headless Cross one is the demo of "Black Moon". I'm not sure about Cross Purposes though but you can bet there's demos for everything released even if they haven't surfaced yet.


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        Re: Demos

        I have seen a TYR demo with an instrumental and two version of Jerusalem on it.
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          Re: Demos

          of stuff that has been circulating there are two versions of TEI with Ray Gillen (one with solos and one without) and there are three "rough mix" tracks from Tyr. There are also rough mixes for Forbidden, one instrumental and one with vocals
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