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  • Best Riffs!

    Pick your favourite riffs from each Tony Martin era Sabbath record!
    The dog's name is Pete. If he tries to mount you in the middle of the night, say "no" sternly. But don't look him in the eye.

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    Re: Best Riffs!

    I've left out the bonus tracks and the keyboard-only songs.

    Glory Ride: What a monster of a riff.
    Headless Cross: Had a hard time with this but in the end I went with the title track
    Anno Mundi: Beautiful.
    Cross of Thorns: Almost picked I Witness but finnaly decided upon CoT.
    I Won't Cry For You: Great riff.
    The dog's name is Pete. If he tries to mount you in the middle of the night, say "no" sternly. But don't look him in the eye.


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      Re: Best Riffs!

      TEI - Hard Life to Love
      HC - Headless Cross
      T - Feels Good to Me
      CP - Immaculate Deception
      F - I Won't Cry for You


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        Re: Best Riffs!

        EI - Glory Ride, a classic Tony Iommi signiture riff that I feel only Tony could come up with. Although I adore The Shining too.

        HC - Headless Cross. The reason being is that when I first heard this album and Cozy's drums started, then Tony accompanied him with the simple, but exceptionally powerful pompous opening power chords, I thought it sounded mighty cool - almost another take on Heaven & Hell to my ears. But personally I was awaiting the tempo change's during the song - the calm and thundering chaotic sections which I loved about Tony's playing. Very nice solo section, but the tempo of the song is the same for over 5 minutes. It just didn't seem to go anywhere in my opinion. But the first 2 minutes sound epic and powerful (but gets a bit repetitive as the song goes on)

        TYR - Anno Mundi. Love the soundscape and mood of this song and the vocal work and harmonys Martin does.

        CP - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. You don't hear riffs like that very often in this day. Very groovy. (on the flip side, I cannot stomach Back To Eden on CP, I think it is an ordinary, un-distinctive effort)

        F - Kiss Of Death. Classic Sabbath IMO (I know quite a few people don't like this song)


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          Re: Best Riffs!

          The Shining
          Black Moon
          Illusion Of Power
          "I want to tell you, yeah
          How Good It Feels
          Sleeping here with you tonight
          And thatís for real"
          -Sometimes I'm Happy 8/5/75


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            Re: Best Riffs!

            Scarlet Pimpernal
            Headless Cross
            Anno Mundi
            I witness
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