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Is this era good?

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  • Is this era good?

    I just watched a youtube video of tony martin era sabbath. I forgot the name of the song, but Iommi did this kinda cool gothy/glam metal solo in the beginning. It had "die" or "death" in the title. Are the martin era albums rare? Can I get them on Cd? Thanks! God, I'm such a newb, aren't I?

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    Re: Is this era good?

    Its up to you ! Half of us will say its shit and people like me who think its the best ! Go for Eternal Idol fisrt and take it from there .


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      Re: Is this era good?

      Originally Posted By: White Devil Are the martin era albums rare? Can I get them on Cd? Thanks! God, I'm such a newb, aren't I?
      "The Eternal Idol", the 1st Martin CD, is easy to find online. Apparently, the others ("Headless Cross", "Tyr", "Cross Purposes", and "Forbidden") have gone out of print recently, so they might be harder to come by.


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        Re: Is this era good?

        Originally Posted By: White Devil Are the martin era albums rare? Can I get them on Cd? Thanks! God, I'm such a newb, aren't I?
        You are too new...


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          Re: Is this era good?

          it's like the other eras. some good stuff and some
          less memorable stuff. Martin is a good singer
          his downfalls are his voice is too smooth and sweet
          for some sabbath material,
          (i hope that is taken the right way).
          he doesn't sound "stoned out" he's very precise and coherent.

          and the biggest downfall of all he doesn't have
          a goofy gimmick. think about it.
          all the "legendary" vocalists have one.
          david lee roth done that little squealing
          thing with his voice and karate kicks
          axl rose does that goofy 'axl' dance
          and attacks crowd members out of the clear blue
          dio has the devil horn hand symbol thing
          and wears a cape sometimes
          ozzy leaps and simultaneously claps during children of the grave
          tom aria head bangs from side to side
          instead of up and down. robert plant wiggled in place
          like a little school girl with a weegie while
          shaking his hair etc etc you get my point.

          to answer the original question. yes all eras
          are worth checking out.


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            Re: Is this era good?

            @White Devil:

            This era is not "good". It's brilliant.
            And the song you were referring to was probably "When Death Calls" from the Headless Cross album.

            The two most recommended albums are Tyr (Iommi / Martin / Nicholls / Murray / Powell) and Cross Purposes (Iommi / Martin / Nicholls / Butler / Rondinelli)
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              Re: Is this era good?

              Well, no other era is better than this, IMO.


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                Re: Is this era good?

                Yeah, you're right, El.
                Tony Martin's amazing voice is worth checking out, like he sang on "Maximum" from Empire's The Raven Ride: "The more I get the more I want" and "Give me more, give me everything"
                But I've noticed that Tony Martin often clap his hands on stage, so that can be called "Goofy gimmick", or whatever it's called.


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                  Re: Is this era good?

                  Well, I of course don't consider TM a good *frontman*. I consider Bruce Dickinson the ultimate frontman on Earth, but as a voice I actually prefer Tony Martin even if I love Bruce's voice as well.

                  I have 5 favorite vocalists, the ones that I considere the creme de la creme for my tastes. I can't actually decide the one I like the most, but 2 of them are not good showmen:

                  Tony Martin: maybe the most versatil voice, not an excellent showman
                  Bruce Dickinson: great voice, the best showman
                  Graham Bonnet: not a reat showman either, but what a voice: power and feeling
                  Eric Adams: awesome range, OK showman
                  Michael Kiske: awesome voice and a very good showman....

                  So, everybody have it's goods and less good points.... Martin's strong points is IMO his awesome voice, versatility and feeling... Oh and his incredible ability to add melody to ANYTHING. I mean, the guy could easily sing death metal with MELODY if he only tried.


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                    Re: Is this era good?

                    Get Tyr, if you like that album then I will get(in my opinion) Eternal Idol or Cross Purpose next. If you like those I would get Headless cross next. Save forbidden for last because people would say its a terrible album. But I think it's the best Martin album.

                    As for the fact, if you don't like Tyr; then don't even bother.

                    Oh another thing, Martin albums are very rare. I suggest downloading some songs before you buy any albums. Incase if you like or don't like it.
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                      Re: Is this era good?

                      no its not good...

                      its great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                      How Good It Feels
                      Sleeping here with you tonight
                      And thatís for real"
                      -Sometimes I'm Happy 8/5/75


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                        Re: Is this era good?

                        yeah man its all good...the only martin era album i dont like is forbidden...and if u cant find the cds just download the songs


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                          Re: Is this era good?

                          The Eternal Idol and Headless Cross are realy great.


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                            Re: Is this era good?

                            ???????????????? That's fucking "Die Young"! Is that prog? Is that hair? Mnnnn... I must get my ears examined.... That's simply hard/rock/classic/metal at it's best.