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  • Go grandma!

    i'm not sure if this link will work for all people. An 83 year old grandma beat up a 20 year old mugger LOL
    I'm getting older by the minuet. I can still hear the
    whistle from the school yard. I found a minuet with
    the radio, still my favorite way to hear a song. You
    know its hard, keeping up. - Me and the radio

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    Sorry it doesn't work for me
    Vic always says 'killing is my business, and business is good'.. He can play the symphony of destruction, after all the worlds needs a hero because the system has failed. Vic is on the killing road to Hangar 18, and he will Take No Prisioners on this holy wars.

    Quote by Ray Rules


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      Don't work for me either.
      Where I was,I had wings that couldn't fly
      Where I was,I had tears I couldn't cry
      My emotions,Frozen in an icy lake
      I couldn't feel them,Until the ice began to break
      Bruce Dickinson-Tears Of The Dragon