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  • Hi Everyone!!!

    Havn't forgotten you all!! Just been really, really busy. Just gotta drop by and say hi, how is everybody doing? Me I just can't wait for the new heaven and hell album!! I've been hearing good things about it!! Anyway talk to you guys later.
    Vic always says 'killing is my business, and business is good'.. He can play the symphony of destruction, after all the worlds needs a hero because the system has failed. Vic is on the killing road to Hangar 18, and he will Take No Prisioners on this holy wars.

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    Are you going to be posting more now, by any chance?
    "i'm 12 and i love dark sabboth"


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      WB Marc, hope you stick around.
      "There's only one Black Sabbath... I like to call him Tony Iommi" - racer


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        Hope to see you around more often Marc. cheers!
        The dog's name is Pete. If he tries to mount you in the middle of the night, say "no" sternly. But don't look him in the eye.


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          Indeed. The place has been empty without you here man.


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            Cheers Marc. Welcome back.
            "Even with so much bad blood between us... It's funny... Now that I'm actually face to face with him again... The hatred is gone. All I feel is a deep sense of longing. And pity. Did Zero really hate me? Or... Did he fear me?" - Big Boss