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Ronnie James Dio has been hospitalized / has cancer

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  • Ronnie James Dio has been hospitalized / has cancer

    DIO — the band fronted by legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio (HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW) — has cancelled its previously announced European tour after Ronnie was taken ill. "Ronnie has been hospitalized and we are waiting for further news," the singer's wife/manager Wendy Dio told BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

    DIO's lineup for the European tour was supposed to include WHITESNAKE/ex-DIO axeman Doug Aldrich due to the fact that the band's regular guitarist, Craig Goldy, had prior touring commitments with BUDGIE in Australia.

    I hope this isn't serious, but it must be because all dates for Dio's upcoming European tour have been cancelled and none of them are being rescheduled.

    Whatever it is, I hope he's okay. This is the first time I've ever heard of Dio being taken ill.

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    I really hope it's not serious. My metal heroes are all falling pray to old age (Iommi's carpal tunnel or whatever it is, now Dio) If this affects their ability to produce more music I'm going to be very sad. Who knows how much longer we'll have these guys around. Hopefully TDYK was not their last hurrah! if that's the case, I thank them for giving us something new after 11 years. Bible Black.


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      I had tickets to his Glasgow show, the first of the tour. I'm bummed, but that doesn't take away from the fact I really hope Dio is okay!
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        My thoughts and prayers go out to Ronnie for a quick recovery. I hope that he is OK.

        "I can honestly say it’s truly been an honor to play at his side for all these years, his music will live on forever." ~ Tony Iommi (Speaking of Ronnie James Dio)


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          Really sad news for today... question is what´s the reason for being hospitalized


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            Yikes! I hope he's gonna be OK! Here's to a full recovery brother


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              Dio Tour Cancelled, Ronnie James Dio Hospitalized

              I hope it's nothing serious!

              Hot Flashes
              Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 10:42:04 EST

              Classic Rock earlier reported that DIO have cancelled their entire UK tour, which was scheduled to launch in Glasgow, Scotland on November 21st.

              In an update, "According to Ronnie James Dio’s wife and manager, Wendy, the singer has been hospitalized. She did not go into details. However, the dates are not being rescheduled, and ticket holders should return to the point of purchase and get refunds."

              Stay tuned for further updates on Ronnie's condition.
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                WOW! I hope he is OK.
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                  Holy fuck...
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                    Wow nothing ever stops Ronnie from touring I hope it's nothing too serious at all
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                      God I hate this uncertainty! Why was RJD hospitalized?!? He's never too sick to tour and now out of the blue he's in a frigging hospital and they are not revealing any details!
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                        That's the latest.
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                          Get well Ronnie!!!

                          I can't believe that Ronnie has been hospitalized!!! I thought he was pushing himselt too much considering that he was on tour with Heaven and Hell for months. He needs to take it easy now!!! He's too important for us to lose God forbid!! Ronnie, you'd break my heart!! Please take good care of yourself. I'll keep you in my prayers evewn though I know you don't believe in God. And please get well soon!! I love you. By the way, please tell me that I am noy the only person, other than Eddie Trunk, who knows that Ronnie has been divorced from his manager, Wendy Dio, for many years!!! Even, the alleged voice of metal doesn't know.


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                            I hope all is well with Mr. Dio. Really hope its nothing serious.
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                              I asked Wendy about this earlier in the day, and I was told he was *NOT* hospitalized, but I was not told why he was there. Given Ronnie's general preference to keeping his personal life personal, we may not find out.

                              But my last word was that he was there for tests, not hospitalized. That may have changed since I got my email update, though.
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