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  • Joe Siegler

    Happy Birthday Joe, I wish you many more in good health, love and happiness brother, may you get everything you ever wished for.

    Thank you for this great site!!!!!
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    "Without Black Sabbath there never would have been an Ozzy, and without Ozzy there never would have been a Black Sabbath"
    "If there ever was a band whose voice is so significant and distinct, that band is Black Sabbath and the voice is Ozzy Osbourne"
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    Happy Birthday Joe - have a great day!!!
    Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law


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      Happy birthday Joe, and thanks for this wonderful site! Cheers!!
      The dog's name is Pete. If he tries to mount you in the middle of the night, say "no" sternly. But don't look him in the eye.


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        All the best to you Joe!
        The best blueberry muffins I ever had landed 6 people in prison, three for life.


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          Hope you had a great day!
          The blind men shout "Let the creatures out, we'll show the unbelievers."
          The napalm screams of human flames, of a prime time Belsen feast ... yeah!
          As the reasons for the carnage cut their meat and lick the gravy.
          We oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies.


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            Without wanting to sound like a lick arse, have a good one joe,

            Pretty dam cool site you've created here!, love some of the background info you've provided on some of the sab albums too!

            Have a good one!

            Get those cats away from the cake too lol!!

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            Vote leave if u want totally cool either way


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              Happy happy hare hare. Peace & Love
              95% of everything i say is pure bullshit just for the fun of it. The other 95% is damn serious!
              Til įrs ok frišar ok forn sišr


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                Happy Birthday Joe - I hope you have a fantastic day
                At least my hair is all mine, My teeth are my own, but everything else is on a permanent loan I'm on a low budget - Ray Davies


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                  Happy Birthday Joe!


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                    Happy Birthday Joe! Hope you have a great one buddy!