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    Re: Writers Corner

    I have a story I've been working for the past 10 months and I'll post it if anyone wants to read it. Currently, it is almost 23 pages long on microsoft word using 12 font. Its a dark/fantasy like story with some twisted stuff here and there so if anyone would like to read it, just let me know. I'll have to do a little bit more editing first though so if anyone would like to read it, it wouldn't be posted on this sight until Thursday or Friday of this week. School work and track really makes me busy.

    On a side note, I just noticed this is my first post in over 2 months.


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      Re: Writers Corner

      Welcome back man! And yes, please post it; that seems to be tight up my alley [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


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        Re: Writers Corner

        Once upon a time, a prince and a princess lived happily forever and ever.

        Nah, just kidding. I've been wanting to write something, but had nobody to show it to. I will share something here [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
        The dog's name is Pete. If he tries to mount you in the middle of the night, say "no" sternly. But don't look him in the eye.


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          Re: Writers Corner

          dude, you should definately publish the story you just posted, its original [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]


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            Re: Writers Corner

            The dog's name is Pete. If he tries to mount you in the middle of the night, say "no" sternly. But don't look him in the eye.


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              Re: Writers Corner

              Tom woke up on his sofa to the sound of a bottle of Tequila breaking on the floor. He didn't know what was worse - the smell of 4 days without showering, the horrible feeling of an extreme hangover, or the fact that he had been unemployed for the last four months. He didn't have something to live for. The only people that gave a shit about him, his parents, had died in a car crash 3 weeks ago. He didn't have kids or a wife, and he was 55 years old. He had lost the hope of having a family years ago. He had no major interests in life, other than surviving with the few money he made at school. He was a teacher. With a big effort he managed to get up and walk all the way to the bathroom, where he puked. Tom pulled a towel, covered himself with it and fell asleep again.
              The dog's name is Pete. If he tries to mount you in the middle of the night, say "no" sternly. But don't look him in the eye.


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                Re: Writers Corner

                Another poem. I think I came up with this one about driving peacefully in the night while listening to Hotel California.

                At home I can’t seem to remain idle
                Knowing that life can leave a heavy load.
                I can only find my true inner peace
                When I’m driving along the open road.

                So I start up the engine late one night
                Ready to travel alone until day.
                It might help me to clear my mind, so
                I’d let the streets guide me along the way.

                Reaching the boulevard at a high speed
                And passing fast cars with blurred faces.
                Then with a cool breeze blowing in my hair
                I make a left turn to the next highway.

                This road will take me out of my hometown,
                Driving over dark pavement that’s empty.
                To fit the mood, I turn on the radio,
                And I crank up “Hotel California”.

                After driving all night along the roads
                Upon a mountain where I park my car.
                Exhausted by the drive, needing some rest,
                I choose to lay down underneath the stars.

                Feeling calm and well rested from my nap
                I decide to return home and restore.
                The sun is rising over the night sky
                As I travel down the highway once more.


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                  Re: Writers Corner

                  I think this needs a bump; it's on page four for crying out loud! I've come up with a very disturbing idea for a story, but I won't post anything about it until I at least have a first draft. All I'll say is that it's about a woman who gets an abortion and it's called "Mama".


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                    Re: Writers Corner

                    I wrote this in my AP Lit class when I was supposed to be taking a test:

                    My head hurts
                    I feel like shit
                    But that's how it goes
                    In AP Lit


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                      Re: Writers Corner

                      The writing here is really stuff of quality, well done Guys
                      keep it up!!!


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                        Re: Writers Corner

                        We read A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift in Ap Lit, and were assigned to write our own. Here's mine, hope you like it:

                        A Modest Proposal

                        Imagine you are a cow. You are standing in a field, eating as much grass as you can, or imagine you are a chicken, picking around on a piece of ground, looking for every last grain of feed you can. Or maybe, just maybe, you are a pig, wallowing around; having fun, trying to increase your piggy plumpness to it’s full potential. All of these fine sources of food know what they are: sources of food. They eat and eat and eat to satisfy our flavorful needs as the dominant omnivores of this planet. However, there are some people who want to turn their backs on out way of living; they think they are better and wiser than us. They view animal slaughter as an abomination; a disgusting sin brought forth by the savages of our ancestors days. These panty-waisted, soy sucking, tofu taking, tree-hugging scums of humanity, also called “vegetarians”, are ruining this beautiful planet.
                        Do they really think they’re better than us meat eaters? Do they really think they’re doing the humane thing by not eating these providers of protein? For every cow, chicken, or swine they don’t eat, that is another cow, chicken, or swine that does not get processed for food, and therefore eats and eats and eats until either their stomachs explode and they die a cruel, extremely slow, extremely agonizing death or the farmers who raise them see that they are too fat to be harvested for any good and kill them on the spot and lets their rotting carcasses become dirt, with no sustenance nor profit going to anyone.
                        These people are a serious threat to our nations economy and must be dealt with accordingly. Therefore, my plan goes as follows:
                        We find one of these “vegetarians” and find out everyone they love. Every family member, living and dead, every friend they have and have ever had, any children they may have, anyone they’ve ever greeted on the street or shaken hands with at a social gathering. Now, there must of course be some limitations on the harvesting of a family members corpse. I believe that no one higher up on the family tree than the grandparents will be dug up, out of good taste.
                        To the living acquaintances, the government secretly puts additives into their food, every meal, for ninety days. By this time, they should all be noticeably plumper. At this time, the government will apprehend the acquaintances and the offender, and store them separately. The offender will be placed in a cold room, naked, and refused food for three to four days. They will, however, be allowed water. The acquaintances will be slaughtered in a very precise way: the children (assuming there are any; if there aren’t any, pets or children of friends will be used) will be filleted into steaks because their muscles won’t be as tough or stringy; very tender and juicy, topped with a few toes and tongues. The spouses and friends of similar ages will be beheaded and have their brains boiled for a soup, with eyes and fingernails for that extra kick thrown in. The elderly people will be ground up with any pets or other animals to make a mighty fine hamburger, with ears and kidneys as the toppings. The corpses of the loved ones will be saved for later.
                        All these gourmet dishes will be brought in before the offender and be told that that is the only food that he or she will receive. If they refuse, that is where the corpses come in. Surely the scent of burning flesh will kick start their taste buds, will it not?
                        If they either refuse again or vomit, they will be put on a very minor sedative, not enough to put them asleep, but enough to make sure that they don’t put up a fight. They will then be restrained and have their stomachs cut open by “trained professionals” and have the contents of the meal poured into their gaping wounds.
                        When they die, they themselves will be ground up and fed to cows, chicken, and swine for future generations to enjoy.


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                          Re: Writers Corner

                          BTW, I'm not anti-vegetarian, we just had to choose a topic that might be considered a social problem, using extreme circumstances


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                            Re: Writers Corner

                            ...and so, Prince Charming told the princess: "Marry me" and the princess said: "NO!".

                            And Prince Charming was overjoyed. He went fishing whenever he wanted to, he went for long walks at night, and did whatever he wanted to, without anyone bothering him around.
                            The dog's name is Pete. If he tries to mount you in the middle of the night, say "no" sternly. But don't look him in the eye.


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                              Re: Writers Corner

                              Fuck man, my english is too bad, so I won't try to translate my writings. But my style is just like Stephen King - God, I love his books. I've a click on Zombies, monsters or just psicologic terror, just like the Stephen's tipe!

                              But let me try to write some lines about a thing that just have just pop in my mind.. I'll write in this quick reply window!

                              A Hard Road
                              By Rodrigo Teixeira aka. Ray Rules

                              That was THE night. Nobody on the other side of the road, nobody on the back seat. It was just him and the pair of tits two steps on the right. A dark night, with stars and a full moon on the sky is just what the travellers want when they hit the road. But that night was a diferent night. Sometimes, the hunt become the hunter. Sometimes, the wild appears to strike it back.
                              Joe was a son. That's his job. His father own a toxical waste storage center - a ilegal spot - and Joe only worrie, in the last 5 years, one between two things: how to spend his father money, and which local girl he will buy the company for the night.
                              During that four wheels travel, Joe was driving, 100 miles on the digital speed display. He was half naked - the pants were sleeping at the floor, and his little fellow was swimming at his company's mouth.
                              - What's that??? Fuck!! Oh man! Fuck! Get off, bitch!! - Ten metters away from his car, a cow was standing on the road, blocking the road. Seven metters away from his car, the cow was staring at him, Joe's car was point to the cow's face.
                              - My hair!! Oh! It hurt!!
                              - I'll hurt you if you don't back off, bitch!! - One metter. Just like a carrousel, the car start to spin across the road. The cow... - Where's that fucking stupid four... Oh! My nose! It's broke! - The car's driving wheel was covered with blood, nose blood. His company was sleeping. her face was covered with meat. Just like a broken vase, the content was spilled out by the impact. Car's hood was painted in the star splanged banner collors. Blue from the factory, red from the blood, and white from the eyeballs and bones. Her seatbealt was inside her mouth. A three inches piece of meat.
                              The car was now upside down, and still rolling and rolling. He was watching the scene. Staring that place on the road where the cow was... or wasn't? Joe's vision was a litlle red, but he could see perfectly, but he couldn't locate the cow, or what remain from her. Ok, the place was covered with shadows and the moon was hided behind the clouds, but he couldn't see the fucking cow! Where's that fucking and stupid four... There! There it is!
                              The cow appears, when the moon restart the light bath. But the animal, or the beast, acording to Joe, have no head. The blood was green, just like the leafs at the trees, just like the gram where his father leave that toxical waste. The cow was smelling fury and vengence, and she was comming for him. Step by step, she was wining the distance. Setp by step, he was losing blood at his...
                              - Fuck! Where's my dick? FUCK! Oh my god! Wake up! Wake up me, God! This is a nightmare! This is just a awful dream!
                              - No boy, this is real life. Your father have raped my kind, and now I'll collect your spirit! - Step by step, the cow was comming closer, trowing green blood in the ground, spreading hate on the air.
                              - You're a cow! You cant speak! You can't walk! I kiss you with my car! You're suposed to be dead!
                              - No, maggot. You're suposed to be dead. I'm dead. I'm pretty dead! Hell, I'm really dead! First your father shooted me! Your mom tryied to stab me... and your sister... Oh, your sister screamed like a little bitch!! She was yelling "Joe! Stop Joe! For God's Sake! Stop!".. - Step by step, the cow was getting bigger in his sigh.
                              - I didn't kill them! Who are you?! You don't have a mouth! You can't talk! - Drop by drop, he was losing blood and color in the face.
                              - Oh yeah! You kill! I'm your conscience! I'm God! I'm the devil! I'm everything! I'm the sheriff, and I've come to collect the due! - The last step, and the cow reach the car. The beast look down, shoving the neck inside the crash, just over Joe's head, and the green blood start to fall all over his face. A awful smeel start to rise up - just like a rotten meat in the grill. A satanic barbecue was happening there. And the cow was cooking the meat.
                              - My eyes! They're burning! Oh god! Please help me! - The smoke was reaching the skys. A Thunder in the distance rumble Joe's ear with that gigantic sound.
                              - God won't help you boy. You're faded to damnation. - The hell cow stand up her leg, that smelly leg, and a little shadow cover Joe's face. He was stocked in the seat by the seatbelt, his head was in contact with the roof - Do you have any last word?
                              - My dick! Where's my dick?!? - The little sissy started to yel by his little one. The night was now getting lighter. At that point, he could see some maggots's heads at some holes at the cow's lether. Bullet holes.
                              - You won't need your dick where you're going, kiddo. Your fucking people time is over. No, the world had roll, and now is your time to be fucked.
                              At that moment, another thunder filled the road. The rain started to fall, as the moon was hiding behind the black clouds. As the moon light was disapearing, the devil cow started to fade away.
                              Ten metters away, a truck appear after the curve. A horn and two flashlights hited the car. The driver saw a blue car. No animal, no nothing. A second car crash, and Joe's car was introduced to the flames. That evil family have finish their cicle. A violent end for a violent life. They fucked with the nature, so the nature strike them back. Truck driver start to call for help in the cell phone. He was in a wake up coma. In his sight, a american flag. The hood, painted in the star splanged banner.
                              Can't you see what I see
                              You and I victims of Their word
                              As the master of power
                              Try to poison our world
                              ----- Eternal Idol ~ 1987


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                                Re: Writers Corner

                                [ QUOTE ]
                                Very well. Might as well make some sort of contribution. This is the most recent thing I wrote. Things to remember:
                                1) I have a standard structure of 8 syllables/line, 4 lines/stanza.
                                2) I write a long of "seize the day" type poems.

                                This one is called "Living Life's Worth"

                                Time won’t freeze or remain idle,
                                An hourglass keeps flowing quite fast.
                                You blink for one second and find
                                Half the sand has already passed.

                                Don’t wait for things to walk to you,
                                You may only grasp once you reach.
                                With all effort and will power
                                All your barriers will be breached.

                                You’ve got the whole world for yourself
                                And many stars to shoot for.
                                Never give up your faith or hope,
                                ’Cause moments don’t last forever.

                                Live your life like it’s worth thousands.
                                And not slip into history.
                                Make your dreams a reality
                                Before they’re a distant memory.

                                [/ QUOTE ] It's very good Echoes, very deep i think! It's about our lives and our trust in ourselves! You're really right with your writing.