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  • Psycho Man
    Re: Video Game Music

    Legend Of Zeld anyone?

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  • rar
    started a topic Video Game Music

    Video Game Music

    OK this might seem kind've weird, but does anyone have an odd appreciation for music in video games? I find them catchy sometimes. An example would be the Mario Bros. Theme song, but who doesn't love that?

    Reason I say this is with systems like the Gamecube, PS2, etc. real music can be used instead of the old music that was made with sounds and stuff (In NES SNES, etc.) In Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, the entire soundtrack was made just for that game and it's kinda cool because some of the tunes are catchy.

    Anybody else find video game music catchy?

    I thought of this when I was thinking how bored I am on here lately because topics are dying a bit and new topics are forming but I haven't had anything to say on them yet. That's why I posted this.