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    What's your favorite episode. Discuss.

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    One of my favorites is the Hippy episode where they bring Slayer on stage to disperse the crowd of hippies, and one of the hippies says,something like wow man why all the hate, lol that's my favorite. and the Mormon episode.
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      I love those two. I also like Cartman as Butters' robot friend and Cartman trying to get back to Casa Bonita. For some reason Cartman trying to punk Butters is funny.


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        Didn't watch much. Used to watch the old seasons when I was a kid. That's like around 15 years ago.

        I think I'm more impressed by the game South Park: The Stick of Truth. By now, I think I've lost interest...
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          Lets see that's around '06, what episodes were around in that time period?