November 18th:
  • Added some 2012 tour dates to the news page. Did not add to the tour date section, as I've mostly withdrawn from updating the old version (this one) of the website.
  • Rearranged the front page look.

November 15th:
  • Restored the main page to it's status before the crush of traffic this past Friday.
  • Changed the picture on the front page to the 11-11-11 picture of the band.
  • Changed the quote on the front page to my "go to" Ozzy era phrase.
  • Updated the timeline with the 11-11-11 stuff.
  • Added a discography page (what that we know) for the new album.

November 4th:
  • Updated the image on the front page of the site to be the 11-11-11 image that is currently also on display at

November 2nd:
  • Added a book review of Tony Iommi's new book. Check out the news page.

There's been little activity here, as I've been slowly working on a new revision of the website, and have been directing my energies there. I'm unlikely to make major changes to this existing version, everything new will be on the new site. Don't have a launch date, it's slow going.