December 3rd:
  • Posted an interview with Lynn Curlee, the man behind the art for the Heaven & Hell album.
  • Posted some news about a Christmas song release on the Internet by Tony Martin.
  • Changed the picture on the front page of the site.
  • Changed the poll on the front page, and moved the old results to the Poll archives page.

December 29th:
  • Changed some text on all my tour date pages relative to the closing of the site. Sorry to hear about that, Rob.
  • Added a ticket stub image for the November 1, 1995 and June 9, 2005 gigs. Thanks Dirk Müller.
  • Added a (nice looking) ticket stub image for the Nov 16, 1995 gig. Thanks to someone whose name I can't read because it's in Korean. :)
  • Added an interview with Tony Iommi from Guitar World December 2008.
  • Added a photo from the March 8, 1971 gig. Thanks Jay Patterson.