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June 2009

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  • June 2009

    June 27th:
    • Answered a big backlog of email from around April 10th until now. There's still a ton to get through, I'm going to try and catch up with everything in the next week or so. Fingers crossed!
    • Posted an email exchange between myself and Jeff Fenholt from March 2009 on Jeff's bio page.
    • Added various bits of information about The Devil You Know. Cleaned up ordering links, rearranged a few things, basically cleaned off the dust on that page from the release.
    • Posted a ticket stub image from the Jun 23, 2009 gig. Thanks Philippe Rogeon.
    • Added a ticket stub image for the Jun 9, 2009 gig. Thanks Steffen Brunn.
    • Added a live picture from an unknown gig on the Master of Reality tour in 1971. Thanks Ozren Pavlovic.
    • Added some original artwork of Tony Martin. Thanks to Mayahar from Iran.
    • Added a different cover art variant of The Devil You Know - from Germany. Thanks Andreas Thul.
    • Added seven pictures from the Japanese version of The Devil You Know. Big thanks to Rom Ehart.
    • Added a tour advert image for the July 27, 2009 gig. Thanks Jonnito Belantito.
    • Added a tour promotion letter from what I believe to be a gig in 1972. Thanks TJ Walker.