September 4th:
  • Updated the notes section on the Cross Purposes album in regards to Eddie Van Halen.
  • Added 32 pictures from the June 9, 2009 gig. Thanks Ralf Schulz & Mohammed Osama.
  • Added 34 pictures from the July 7, 2007 gig. Thanks Jack @
  • Added a a ticket stub image for the July 27, 2009 gig. Thanks Nick ???
  • Added 5 pictures from the June 13, 2009 gig. Thanks Marco van den Bovenkamp.
  • Added 51 pictures from the June 14, 2009 gig. Thanks Guenther Voppichler & Mohammed Osama.

September 15th:
  • Added 29 pictures from the June 16, 2009 gig. Thanks Andreas Kaleve (18) & Andrea Hilgert (11).

September 21st:
  • Added two pieces of fan created artwork. Thanks Mohammed Osama.
  • Added a ticket stub image for the Jun 17, 2009 gig. Thanks Lionel Bouvet.
  • Updated some notes regarding German cover art for The Devil You Know. Thanks Martin Schott.
  • Added 5 pictures from the June 27, 2009 gig. Thanks Dino Mariani.
  • Added 54 pictures from the June 26, 2009 gig. Thanks Yahweh D'haeseleer.
  • Added 32 pictures from the June 23, 2009 gig. Thanks Philippe Rogeon.

September 22nd:
  • Added a note to the Born Again Tour Page about a riot after the Montreal Show. Thanks Patrice Charbonneau.
  • Added two photos to the June 27, 2009 gig photo gallery. Thanks Emanuele Nicoli.
  • Added a pretty funny TV commercial from Finland for the July 25, 2009 gig. Thanks Matt Tolvanen. (Well, I was going to, but the site disables Youtube embedding - FAIL!)

September 26th:
  • Added a ticket stub image and a newspaper concert review for the Nov 19, 1978 gig. Also added an album review from back then to the Never Say Die page. Thanks John Mathison.