February 2nd:
  • Added 22 pictures from the Jul 24, 2010 Dio tribute gig. Thanks Ian "Slippers" (don't know the dude's real name).
  • Brought my timeline page up to date. It still needs some tweaks here and there, but it's current with activities since the last time I wrote (which was the week after Ronnie's death).
  • Changed the photo on the front page of the site - restored the image randomizer up there, which had been gone for quite awhile.

February 7th:
  • Rearranged the layout of the main page. When I restored the rotating pictures, it made the front page a bit squashed with the Facebook & Twitter widgets up there too. Made it look a bit better.
  • Added more pictures to the front page random picture rotation. The rotation used to go to 39. Now it goes to 76. :)