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Who's drummer's call is better?

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  • Who's drummer's call is better?

    Ok, here's the link:

    The Air cadets are in blue, and the sea cadets are in the Black and white. I'm a part of the sea Cadets, and I thin that we owned, because the Air Cadets first of all, was very not together. Anyway, that's up to you. Who's was better?
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    I think it's kind of funny how one drumline is literally over double the other. XD It makes the naked ear a little challenged as to what the comparison actually is ...

    But I feel like the movements and various things (some might say borrowed) for your Sea Cadets display a better showmanship than the pure drumming set-up that other team had.

    Personally, though, I enjoyed the other team more for that pure drumming, as it was without some of the gimmick. But the gimmick is what gave you guys your upper hand, because that coordination was likely not that easy.

    Anywho ... the best drumcall was definitely you folks for that fact alone, but the actual go-to upbeat of the other team was a bit more impressive to the ears.

    Sorry about the blabber. :D
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