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Any Police fans??

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  • Any Police fans??

    I know this is a weird question for a Black Sabbath forum, but does anyone out there a fan of The Police?? I absolutely LOVE their music. Such a different sound they had. Havn't heard anything similiar before or since them.
    Talk about underrated.. Andy Summers is such a major player/role in the sound of that band. Not really a "soloist" but he put alot of "atmosphere" in those songs...

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    They were really something, even at their most commercial. They started out kind of punkish but evolved in a lot of different directions - new wave, reggae, rock, jazz... and were too ambitious for their own good. Each of the three guys contributed something special. If you look at "Every Breath You Take", which at first glance seems insipid and gooey, for example, you notice the lyrics about being a stalker, the guitar parts which are actually odd for a commercial song, the rhythms of the bass and drums..... I mean I am not a big lover of that particular song but even it is rather interesting. They didn't keep releasing the same album or stick to a particular song formula.


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      They were a lot more groundbreaking than their "hits" might have indicated...many just know "Every Breath You Take" and maybe "Wrapped Around Your Finger."

      Their first four albums, especially Ghost In The Machine, sounded like nothing else at the time. Listen to those and then listen to Rush's Signals album and it's not hard to hear the Police influence.

      They were known almost as much for what they didn't play as what they did.
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        Love the Police, especially the first album and Synchronicity. I hate it when their songs repeat the chorus a dozen times and fade out, but that was the commercial formula they needed to adhere to I guess. Interesting mixture of styles that came out as something all their own.


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          Got a chance to see the reunion tour that they were on and they are/were still absolutely great. I love bands that have a completely different sound than anyone else.
          I have worn their cd's out over the years lol Especially the first and last one they had