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    Hi I just wanted to share some covers I've done. Love Black Sabbath and have always been fond of playing their songs.

    Here is a few covers of Sabbath songs and a few other cover songs, it's amateur night folks!!

    First this embarresing performance which is entirely me doing a personal variation of the Fluff theme, before singing and playing Changes and She's Gone....
    Changes was played on guitar as I'm no good with a piano. Be warned my voice is aweful

    Here is a collection of various songs from different bands (mostly Sabbath songs though) where I play along backing tracks

    Here is me doing a version of Bark at the Moon on top of a backing track

    Here's me having a go at the Crazy Train backing track

    My apologies to Led Zeppelin for making this softcore guitar cover of their most famous song

    On this one I play on top of an old Norwegian song, testing out the nw guitar my wife gave me

    I really wanted to play some cool Sabbath stuff and perhaps inspire more people to cover Sabbath songs,
    but couldn't find the corresponding backing tracks so I covered the sound of Iommis playing with my own
    in the following covers:

    Get A Grip

    Dying for Love

    Anno Mundi

    I Won't Cry For You


    Thanks for watching!

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    Sabbath has so many great songs that are fun to play on guitar, many of which does not get covered as much as they deserve. Did a guitar cover of Air Dance this morning... one of those songs that Sabbath never played live

    Air Dance

    Update 24.08.2016

    Here's my take on St Vitus Dance, I realise the general consensus is that the song is tuned down same as the other songs on that album (save Laguna Sunrise of course), and I always see people tuning down and playing it from the D chord, but my opinion is that it's most naturally played from the C chord and standard tuning.
    The song is also so much fun to play that I wonder if the reason it was never played live on Vol.4 tour could be down to it being not recorded in the same tuning as the other Vol.4 songs that were being played live. Just lighthearted speculation on my part.

    St Vitus Dance

    Update 25.08.2016

    did another one today of the Ozzy era that never were played live by the band, - Backstreet Kids.
    This is such a fun song to play as well and why it wasn't deemed worthy of being played live on stage beats me, this song is dynamite!

    Bacstreet Kids

    Updat 03.09.2016

    Brushed some dust off little Juniors eyes the other day

    Juniors eyes

    And had some fun with Looking for today

    Looking For Today

    Update 13.09.2016

    Turn Up the Nights
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      neon knights/lonely is the word/country girl/walk away/children of the sea/slippin away

      changes/symptom of the universe/she's gone

      haven't had much time to play recently so I threw a lot of songs into each vid :(