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War Pigs Cover Underway!

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  • War Pigs Cover Underway!

    I've been intending to record a proper Sabbath cover for a while, and yesterday I finally got the ball rolling! And would there be a better cover to do than "War Pigs"?

    My take is my vision of how I'd perform the tune with two guitarists, which is most apparent in the solo section - there is some dueling, unison runs and whatnot There are other twin-guitar harmonies sprinkled all over the tune as well.

    I used a backing track from YouTube that has bass, drums, vocals and few guitar licks under the solo, but other than that all the guitar work will be mine.

    I've already recorded bulk of the guitars and done some mixing and played aroung with effects. If you're interested in seeing short teasers by any chance, head over to my Instagram profile via the following link: (the snippets are under the "highlights" section)

    I once started a discussion about a BSO collaboration cover of War Pigs, maybe through this it'll come to fruition some day
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