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need ure help!!!!!!!!!

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  • need ure help!!!!!!!!!

    well i was thinking about getting a new effects processor coz the one i already have is really old and duznt work as good as it used to....can u recommend any good stuff that i can get under 300 pounds...i mostly play stuff like sabbath,maiden,megadeth,ac dc ,pink floyd....rite now im thinking about either a line 6 pod XT LIVE or a boss GT8...can some one who has used any of these let me know about thier sound quality and stuff...and i have a esp ltd dave mustaine signature and a marshall dsl 401 so plz keep that in mind when giving ure reccomendations

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    Re: need ure help!!!!!!!!!

    Line 6 Pod XT Live! I just got one a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. Finally got to upgrade from my Zoom GFX-4 (although I usually use my friend's Zoom GFX-8.) Anyways, the XT is amazing. There's... nothing it can't do, seriously. Every single one of the bands you listed is a band I play on guitar (and listen to a lot!) and the Pod is great for all of them.

    I think the Pod will sound good with about any guitar. But how are you playing? Amp? PA? I play through our band's PA system and this thing rocks. I haven't tried it through an amp, and although it's designed to work fine with an amp, you will, of course, have better results with a mixer/PA system.

    If you have any specific questions about the Pod, post them, and I'll try my best to answer them. It's a very powerful machine. It's easy to use, especially if you have a computer to hook it up to. The software makes it even easier to get in there and start messin' with the presets or making your own effects.


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      Re: need ure help!!!!!!!!!

      dude ill be using a tube amp....anyway from what ive heard xt live isnt that good for playing live....ive heard that its much better for recording and stuff...and ive also seen a couple of bands use it and i wasnt impressed with the sound...but ill have to go check it out for myself