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    Sorry, couldn't resist the corny van halen reference. Okay, we all know the Jimi Hendrix classics that are played on the radio all the time. I'm a huge Hendrix fan and think all his songs are amazing because he never wrote anything without feeling and soul behind it but there are a lot of his songs that people have never heard and that is a shame. For instance we all have heard voodoo child. Great song But how many of those people who have heard it on best of compilations and the radio have heard voodoo chile which is just as amazing? Anyways I'll stop ranting and get to the question. What are some Hendrix songs that you love that are underrated or just under exposed?

    Some of mine..

    One Rainy Wish (possibly most beautiful song he wrote)
    1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to be) (wow....)
    You Got me Floatin (fun song)
    Voodoo Chile (f@#%ing epic!)
    Gypsy Eyes (43 takes in the studio and it was worth it)
    Love or Confusion (really energetic song with great lyrics.)
    House Burning Down (best intro ever)
    Still Raining, Still Dreaming (orgasmic wah wah)
    Pali Gap (good for late night listening)
    Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (will blow your mind)

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    Cry of Love is my favorite album of his. I liked the direction he was heading in, away from the mindless psychedelia of '67. I like Freedom, Ezy Rider and Angel off this album.


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      I started a Jimi thread with a similar theme about 2 weeks ago

      I'll add to what I listed then -

      The entire Axis: Bold as Love album.
      Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)
      Burning of the Midnight Lamp
      Stepping Stone
      Killing Floor
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        I really like these ones:
        The wind Cries Mary
        All along the Watchtower
        Are you Experienced?
        Bold As Love
        If 6 Was 9
        Little Wing
        Manic Depression
        Spnish Castle Magic
        Voodoo Child
        Voodoo Chile

        And, of course, nothing can touch this one:

        I can't beleive no one mentioned that one.
        "i'm 12 and i love dark sabboth"