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Alice Cooper - Pretties For You and Easy Action

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  • Alice Cooper - Pretties For You and Easy Action

    Anybody hear Alice Cooper's first two albums, Pretties for You and Easy Action? I listened to them both for the first time recently...

    Pretties For You is one of the worst albums I've ever heard. Barely any of the songs are actual "songs"... more like random weird noises jumbled together. The only songs on the album that are listenable are "Reflected" (latter remade on the Billion Dollar Babies album as "Elected") and the opening song "Titanic Overture".

    Meanwhile, Easy Action is much better, but still far away from the awesomeness of Love it to Death and Killer. There's actual songs on this album, and more of a dark tone overall. "Below Your Means" and "Return of the Spiders" are my favorites.

    I realize that Frank Zappa is probably hugely responsible for the overall mediocrity of these first two albums from this great band, since he produced these albums. I've never been a big Zappa fan. When Bob Ezrin took over as producer for Love it to Death, that's when they came into their own. Still, I guess I should give some credit to Zappa for discovering them.

    Anyway, what do you guys think of these two albums?

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    Well for someone who thinks most people need to lick the feet of Zappa I LOVE the first two albums. You are corect there is a very strong Zappa influence and a more polished sound when Ezrin took over. I am a bif Cooper fan and like the older albums of his like Love it to Death, Welcome to my Nightmare, and Alice Goes to Hell. But as for as Zappa is concerned he is the first person who combined art music social and political messages into one form of art. I call it art some call it noise other's shit. Listen to what he says and how there is probally no other artist who captures the time he lived in and the political comentary is the best you will ever hear.


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      Pretties for you was awful; Easy Action is good for what it was. it's neat listening to him trying create the Alice Cooper sound. I can see why he pretty much ignored these 2 albums as soon as Love it to Death came out though.


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        From PFY I like Titanic Overture, Sing Low Sweet Cheerio, Reflected, Levity Ball, Apple Bush and Changing Arranging. In his autobiography, Me Alice, Alice states that the recordings of the songs that ended up on the album were made without the band's knowledge or consent. Alice has stated that Easy Action is more mainstream which I agree with, but I've also read him say that he considers Love it to Death to be the first 'real' Alice Cooper album, which I find it hard to disagree with. Yes, Bob Ezrin's influence on the band was formidable.

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          Although I don't really listen to Alice Cooper any more and was never the greatest AC fan (though I was definitely a fan nevertheless and bought six of his albums), I gotta say I definitely used to enjoy BOTH these albums, very many years ago. To me, PFY isn't all that bad as it's unfairly cracked up to be by many of AC's own biggest fans. I'd still listen to it today if I hadn't sold it off to a guy that desperately wanted it more than I did. I like PFY better than Easy Action, though both are decent discs, in their own right.
          "Actors really are the scum of the earth. Their behavior makes arrogant, overpaid rock stars appear positively noble' - Buzz Osborne


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            Actually Pretties for you was produced by The Group themselves (with zappa overseeing it) and Easy Action was produced by David Briggs (Neil Young producer)

            I like them both especially pretties.. first time i listened to it i though "what the fuck!.." but since im getting into more weird stuff from the 60īs i understand it better now..favourite tracks "apple bush" " Living" and "Levity Ball".. but my favourite cooper album is Love it to death


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              Yeah, miracle, Love it to Death is a seriously enjoyable album as is the already widely worshipped Billion Dollar Babies. Gosh, I actually wonder how many albums did AC, as a band and, then later, as a solo act, eventually record and release? 20+ is my wild guess. I don't know for sure. I had bought 6-7 albums myself, and have properly listened to another 6-7 albums, elsewhere. The other songs I have heard randomly without hearing the full albums they were on. The last two contemporary albums of his that I have heard are the impressive Dragontown and then, The Eyes of Alice Cooper. I haven't yet checked out this year's Along Came a Spider.

              AC's 'born-again' Christianity was a major turn-off for me and some of his well-known, publicly stated personal political views are totally out of sych with mine. However, more importantly, Cooper has made both great and sucky music throughout his almost 30-year long career, yet he remains a true great icon and 'showman' of rock music. If somebody gives me hope for his latest ACaS, I might wanna check it out.
              "Actors really are the scum of the earth. Their behavior makes arrogant, overpaid rock stars appear positively noble' - Buzz Osborne


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                  I think the band Alice Cooper was much better than the solo stuff except for a few albums are not bad.


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                    Like the majority, I prefer the stuff with the AC band, particularily Love It To Death and Killers which includes the King Crimson inspired epic Halo Of Flies. His solo stuff contained some cool gems. The trilogy Years Ago, Steven and The Awakening off WTMN is something I still find creepy and disturbing to listen to. I can't think of any other songs that give me the creeps that way? Not even off The Wall by Pink Floyd which had Bob Ezrins input as well. Also the guitarist Dick Wagner was working with Alice Cooper again, however, that was halted by Dick's massive heart attack. Talking about guilty pleasure's, one of my many favourite ballads includes You And Me off the ordinary Lace And Whisky album. I don't have any issue's with Alice's christianity, but his political views are something I strongly disagree with (lets just say I was quite happy with the outcome of the recent election). Anyway, politics are a no-no here I was not keen on his 'hair rock' era in the late 80's, but at least he did it well, and better than the other hair rock acts at the time. I did find it ironic that he had Slash playing guitar on Hey Stoopid (Slash was way into drugs then if I remember correctly).