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  • Favorite Drumming Performances?

    What are your all time favorite drumming performances? Here's some of mine:

    Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin: John Bonham delivers probably the greatest drumming performance I've ever heard, in this epic. He just goes all out on this one.

    Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix: Mitch Mitchell is such a fun drummer to listen to, especially on this song. He does so many fast and exciting fills which only add to the tension and drama in this dark song.

    War Pigs - Black Sabbath: Enough said.

    Got A Bone of my Own - Night Sun: Not sure who the drummer's name is for this band, but the drumming is really wild on this one.

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    I will go back to the 70's and the ELP live album and the 40 minute version of Karn Evil #9. It has about a 15-20 minute drum solo. Next the Long version fo Green Grass and High Tides from the Outlaws. This is also a 20+ minute song live and has quite a drum solo.


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      Pretty much every one of these songs, showcases some outstanding drumming of some sort.

      Cryptopsy - Phobophile
      Behemoth - Inner Sanctum
      Behemoth - Slaves Shall Serve
      Burzum - Jesu død (Not the most technically proficient drumming out there, but there's definitely a frantic quality about it, that adds to the song.)

      More will come when I'm in a position to think clearly.


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        Bill Ward - Symptom of the Universe (Proves that he can contend to Bonzo!)


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          John Bonham - Achilles Last Stand
          John Bonham - In My Time of Dying
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            Cozy Powell's Dance with the Devil
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              heh heh... That was the number that brought Cozy to my attention as a lad... Not knowing that I'd been listening to him for years on my brothers LP's!

              I prefer Cozy's work with Jeff Beck rather than the bubblegum pop of DWTD, and his work on Plant's 'Slow Dancer" showed that right then, he was the only person who could've taken over Bonzo's drumstool in Zep...

              Bonham has too many career highlights to pick one... but 'When The Levee Breaks' jumps to mind along with 'In My Time Of Dying'.


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                Originally posted by kentuckyfan View Post
                I will go back to the 70's and the ELP live album and the 40 minute version of Karn Evil #9. It has about a 15-20 minute drum solo.
                Do you remember in 1983 when Greg Lake very briefly joined Asia, and MTV broadcast a concert from Japan called "Asia in Asia?" I watched that, and my jaw dropped at Carl Palmer's drum solo.

                It's now available on CD under the title Live At Budokan. I picked it up a few months ago. Palmer's solo is still amazing.

                I think that was actually the only gig Lake played with Asia, but I could be wrong.
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                  Agree about Bonham on Achillies. I think thats my fav Zep song ever.

                  Then there's Neal Peart. Just a few of my favz: Cygnus XI, & Cygnus Book 2, La Villa Strangiato, Camera Eye, The Body Electric, but there's so many others.

                  Bill Wards playing on the Wizard is one of my favz from him.

                  Surprised no one has mentioned Keith Moon yet. His playing on early Who stuff like Anywhere Anyhow, I Can See For Miles, & the later stuff like Bargain, 5:15, Dr. Jimmy, has such an original style. I think he & Mitch Mitchell are similar in certain ways. I think Keith had much more wild abandon then Mitch who seemed much more in control.

                  Speaking of Mitch he's got so many great moments on Jimi's albums. I think one of my favz is his incredible Hi Hat work on if 6 was 9. It's just tasty as it gets.

                  Also no conversation would be complete without mentioning Nicko McBrain and I think the first licks ever to be heard by him with Maiden is one of his shining moments - Where Eagles Dare. Just staggeringly great. But that whole Piece of Mind album is full of ferocious drumming & great control of dynamics. the guy is a master.

                  In the underground extreme realm I like Gene Hoglans playing on Dark Angels Darkness Descends, & Leave Scars, as well as Death's Individual Thought Patterns & Symbolic. Tracks like Jealousy, Destiny, Symbolic, Misanthrope, & Zero Tolerance.

                  Also really like another Death drummer & Sean Reinert who brought an awesome jazz feel to Death like no other on the Human album. Fav tracks are Flattening of Emotions, Together as One, & Vacant Planets.

                  Nicke Anderson from Entombed has had a ton of great moments on their albums. I think my favorite performance might be Crawl from the Clandestine album. Also a lot of cuts from Wolverine Blues such as Demon, Rotten Soil, & Out of Hand.

                  Tom Hunting from Exodus, on cuts like Deliver us to Evil, & Strike of the Beast.

                  So many others though but not enough time to mention all my favz.
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                    I'm diggin' Bill Ward on N.I.B
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                      Highway Star- Ian Paice
                      Burn- Ian Paice


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                        OK, I'll follow devstorm's lead...
                        Keith Moon, virtually everything, but particularly Amazing Journey/Sparks on Live at Leeds
                        Neil Peart, again on virtually everything, but especially La Villa Strangiato.
                        How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.
                        --Benjamin Franklin


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                          Bill Ward - The Wizard, Symptom, War Pigs
                          Paice- Burn, Fireball, The Mule


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                            Aynsley Dunbar on the first three (pre-Steve Perry) Journey albums (Journey, Look Into The Future, Next). I have often thought he would be a good drummer for Black Sabbath.

                            Stating the obvious: Cozy Powell on virtually anything he's done. I never heard a bad performance from The Hammer.

                            Phil Rudd on early AC/DC. Not flash, no frills, but just straight-ahead bashing.

                            Eric Carr (RIP) on KISS' Creatures Of The Night. One of my favourite drum sounds ever.

                            Stefan Kaufmann on Accept's Restless And Wild and Balls To The Wall.

                            Simon Phillips on Michael Schenker's first solo album. Ted McKenna on Assault Attack.

                            Andy Parker on UFO's Strangers In The Night.

                            Robb Reiner on Anvil's Metal on Metal and Forged in Fire. He's one of the most underrated drummers I know of. He was doing "thrash" style drumming before the term was coined.
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                              Mickey Dee- "In the Name of Tragedy"