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    Well, I know that I don't post here that often, but I have been on a bit of a Priest kick lately and I have a good number of their albums and one live DVD: Live Vengeance '82.

    As for the albums, I have "Stained Class", "Hell Bent for Leather/Killing Machine", "Unleashed in the East", "British Steel", "Point of Entry", "Screaming for Vengeance", "Defenders of the Faith", and "Painkiller". My favorite (as cliche as this sounds) is "Screaming for Vengeance". The album flowed perfectly from the beginning of "The Hellion/Electric Eye". "Riding on the Wind" had an energy that is unmatched by almost anything. "Bloodstone" is a personal favorite. I love the guitar playing on that one. The intro just kills. "(Take These) Chains" is a good '80's rock song while "Pain and Pleasure" is the weakest track. Then the second half comes roaring back with the title track. "You Got Another Thing Coming" is a great single for the band. "Fever" is a great song that is sadly overlooked. The progression through that song is great. What an underrated gem. "Devil's Child" reminds me a lot of AC/DC. I could have imagined a song a lot like it on Back In Black.

    Others that I like are "Stained Class" great early record. "Unleashed in the East" is a good live album, despite some of the rumors of it's authenticity. "Painkiller" is also great. Probably their heaviest record and their most evil sounding, even if the lyrics are a little cheesy. But "Night Crawler", "Between the Hammer and the Anvil", and "A Touch of Evil", not to mention the title track not only smack you in the face, but give you the chills.

    So, what do you all think?

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    Sad Wings of Destiny, you didn't mention it so get it. I assume you don't have it.
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      Unfortunately no. Not yet.


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        I like JP. All of the CD's you have listed are very good cd's IMO. I agree with Monkey above, "Sad WIngs of Destiny" is a good one that you should get for your collection.

        I also really like the 2005 release "Angel of Retribution" My favorite on that one is "Judas Is Rising." I also like the Ripper CD's, but they are not for everyone. The 2 live D's with him are good, as he does a good job sounded like Halford, but he has his unique vocal style on his songs.
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          I also like JP. Get "Ram It Down" album. Really heavy one.
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            Judas Priest is a great band. As far as DVD's goes, get "Rising in the East". That DVD is incredible

            Personaly I liked "Nostradamus" a lot, but that album is not for everyone...

            Sin After Sin is and other great early record, not as good as "Sad Wings of Destiny" and "Stained Class" but still great.

            For me Judas Priest have greatness all over their discs. So the best advice from me is to get everything.


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              I'm not a huge fan of theirs, but i don't know why.

              I've yet to hear a song of theirs that I didn't like.
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                I'm not a huge fan, but I love Sad WIngs of Destiny. Each song is killer.

                Also I would recomend Rocka Rolla, despite what people say about it. It's probably my second favorite Priest album.
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                  I'm a bit of a fair weather fan. And sort of like Metallica, Priest are one of the few bands that I both love and absolutely hate certain material from. I think they were at their best with Screaming & Defenders Of The Faith (I do also like Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather quite a bit as well ). Neither one of those albums has a weak moment in my opinion. Between the faster material
                  like Screaming for Vengeance, or Riding on the Wind, Jawbreaker, Freewheel Burning, to the anthems like Another Thing Coming, Some Heads are Gonna Roll, & Heavy Duty; to the flat out epic The Sentinel, these songs for me really defined the best of what Priest had to offer.

                  After this point it seemed they started over thinking it all and screwing way too much with their sound. What was even more irritating for me was what happened next. The Painkiller era seemed like they were overcompensating for their lack of success in the land of commercial metal, so they became almost cartoonishly over the top. Between Halfords obnoxious whiny shrill wails, to the irritatingly tinny guitar tones, it just seemed as contrived & calculated as steering toward a commercial sound 4 years earlier. I do admit Painkiller isn't all bad, I do like Hell Patrol & Touch of Evil, but most of it I find goofy & them just trying too hard to be "Metal." It didnt come off to me as anything genuine, and sadly nothing since then has either.

                  I did really like the Halford band and as a result I was probably one of the few that was disappointed when Rob rejoined Priest.
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                    Judas Priest was one of those bands that like Sabbath had their different "eras",but unlike Sab they never changed vocalists until later.The early stuff has that hard rock/metal vibe while beginning with "Screaming" they just shifted into full on metal.....

                    my favorites in order of time spent listening,have not yet acquired the last two

                    Sad Wings of Destiny
                    Sin after Sin
                    Rocka Rolla
                    98 Live Meltdown
                    Screaming For Vengeance
                    Stained Class
                    Defenders Of The Faith

                    In my opinion the origins of thrash and speed metal are found in a few select Sabbath songs like "Symptom Of The Universe" and "Paranoid" but it was Judas Priests early work that really set the foundation for bands like Maiden,Metallica, Megadeth etc.
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                      I'm yet to get into Judas Priest properly, and all I have by them is the latest 2 albums (which aren't bad but didn't become favourites either). I've also heard some of the "jukebox" tracks like Painkiller and Jawbreaker over time. Then again, there's so much good music out there and so little time to sample it all.
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                        I find Painkiller great, its one of my favoured 'headache' albums (its a personal complementary phrase by me used for albums I love, eg, Reign In Blood, however, which pump me up and give me a headache!) I do find certain bits out of taste from my view, such as KK's shred at the start of Metal Meldown, it sounded like my 14 year old cousin on his Yamaha electric, KK can play better than that. Like his soulful lead in The Rage ten years earlier. The Rage is a song I'm not keen on, mainly because when I first heard the riff after reggae part, it sounded too much like All Moving Parts (Stand Still) of Technical Ecstacy!


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                          Ok my favroite Priest albums are Defenders of the Faith ( get the remastered for the extra songs) Nostradomus, Angle of Retrubution, Stain Glass, and Point of Entry. Well this is my list but they have NO BAD CD"S and are proballon only one of two bands Iron Maiden beign the other that I can say that about.


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                            Originally posted by Intothevoid View Post
                            "Unleashed in the East" is a good live album, despite some of the rumors of it's authenticity.
                            Unleashed's authenticity is rumored?

                            Originally posted by Intothevoid View Post
                            "Painkiller" is also great. Probably their heaviest record and their most evil sounding, even if the lyrics are a little cheesy. But "Night Crawler", "Between the Hammer and the Anvil", and "A Touch of Evil", not to mention the title track not only smack you in the face, but give you the chills
                            Painkiller their most evil and heaviest? Maybe from a deliberate aspect. How can you really find a bunch of bombastic music thrown together with insipid non-sense lyrics detailing a fairy-tale world be heavier than Sad Wings Of Destiny.

                            The only two Painkiller songs that are coherent lyrically are All Guns Blazing, which is barely, and A Touch Of Evil, which is only because it's poetic. The music is interesting enough, but it lacks the depth of Sad Wings.

                            Sad Wings Of Destiny has tales of; Close-Minded Dictatorship(Tyrant), Racism & Murder Rampage(Genocide), Blinded Close-Minded Emotion(Epitaph), War & Pesillence(Island Of Domination), Alcoholism & Adultery(Victim Of Changes), Murder & Conspiracy(The Ripper), Corruption & Destruction of happiness(Dreamer Deceiver/Deceiver). It deals with real life issues, which makes it easier to be attached to.

                            Some people complain about the the rather bland and sonically dreary production but I think that was pure genius on Priest's part. The album is the pure Priest package; lyrics, music, vocals, production, artwork, flow. The album is still remarkably inconsistent, which makes it truly great.

                            The only thing I have ever been able to agree with people on about Judas Priest is the bands lack of consistency. However that is what makes Priest so heavenly and splendid, just when you thought you heard it all, the band throws in a number that is so completely off the wall that you have to like it.

                            British Steel is the only Priest album to hold up to though, it has weak moments(United), but overall it just slays the rest of Metal almost.

                            You might be better off just getting the Re-Masters(Sin After Sin through Painkiller), then picking up the rest.


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                              Unleashed in the East has been question many times of being a real live album, the vocals are claimed to be over dubbed and the drums re-record among other things. Tipon has diened it except for Halford voice being touched up. Still it's their best live album