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Led Zeppelin II - 40th Anniversary

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    Haha, you don't need to explain yourself to me RLP. Everybody has their own taste in the never ending Sabbath vs. Zeppelin debate. As long as Sabbath is in your top 5, even if not at number 1, then you're still on good terms with me. Now start comparing them to Rush...THEN all hell will break lose!

    Just one thing in your last post caught my attention though:

    Echoes, if you reckon your love affair with Led Zeppelin will last for a long time, I'd urge you seek out and buy the How The West Was Won 3-disc DVD, whenever you feel ready.
    I wasn't aware of that DVD set. The only item that comes close is the 3 CD set. If that's what you meant, it has been on my radar from time to time. The version of Black Dog there just smokes the original IMO. But yeah, when I'm ready I might get that too. Picking up an album here and there isn't as straining as a 'priceless' box set.

    As for DVDs, I did get the 2 DVD set for Xmas years ago. Haven't played it in a while though. Better revisit it soon.

    Dang it RLP! I'm trying to save money and you're giving me new ideas for what to buy!


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      Love the give and take on the mighty Zep, a band I've loved, and sometimes hated over the years. Mostly love though, I can forgive them for their forays into some pretty for lack of a better word "shitty" songs, like The Cru(d)nge and others sprinkled about. But I gotta give my vote for Zep IV as their ultimate song writing, complete and produced album. Along with the greatest rock song ever written, STH, the album is strong throughout. Zep II is a notch below, but I actually enjoy listening to Zep I more often than II... which I think is a continuation of what started on I. IV was the maturaty of their creative talents...without boring drum solos or white boy blues redos and sound affect. Rock N Roll baby!
      "Music is so sacred to me that I canít hear wishy-washy nonsense just played for the sake of selling records."
      R. Blackmore


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        Because of this thread, I decided to listen to the whole back catalogue. I was only familiar with Led Zeppelin II and few songs like Stairway to Heaven, Rock 'n' Roll, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Immigrant Song and Bron-Y-aur Stomp.

        I listened to all albums once so some albums and song probably have to grow on me.

        General impressions:
        - I was pleasently surpised. I know that they had a consistent output, but still I was surprised in a positive way with some albums.
        - My favourite albums aside from Led Zeppelin II are Houses of the Holy and Physical Grafitti. PG is aside from one of two songs on disc 2 a very strong and consistent album with many different styles. Houses of the Holy also has a variety of different styles and I really love 'No quater' of that album.
        - The weakest album of the bunch is imo 'Presence'. It has some good songs, but overall it's very patchy. (But I have to admit taht the album wasn't recorded under the best circumstances: plant was recovering from a serious car crash)
        - I really enjoyed 'In Through the Outdoor'. Yes, it was very different from the ealry stuff and it has one filler track, but I love the new direction and the bigger input of JPJ on that album.
        - Although Coda was more a collection of outtakes and leftovers, it is not that bad, esp. some outtakes from In Through to the Outdoor are strong (like Darlene).
        - Many will disagree with this, but I was not that impressed with IV (or Zoso). Yes, it has a couple of killer tracks, but also some filler (The Battle of Evermore is one of the weakest tracks they recorded imo.) and I really don't like the vocals on Misty Mountain Hop, but like I said before, I should listen a few times more in order to appreciate it.
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          Originally posted by Echoes
          Dang it RLP! I'm trying to save money and you're giving me new ideas for what to buy
          Aww, sorry mate. If you gonna trade talk with me about Zeppelin goodies on offer, I'll end up urging you to go splurging on a cd/dvd shopping spree----and go beautifully broke for a while.

          To Mercury87: Very interesting to read your own take on the Zeppelin records. First, I gotta agree with you about 'Coda'. I've actually always liked that final, aptly-titled release quite a lot more than both Presence and In Through the Outdoor. As for the 'weakest' (or more like the ONLY relatively 'weak' LZ album), for me it's always been a toss-up between Presence and ITtO. But the awesomeness of Achilles' Last Stand and cool, rude rockerNobody's Fault But Mine trump the 'best' tracks on ITdO for me; so I reckon I'd put Outdoor, dead last in the LZ discography. I agree with you about the splendours of both Houses of the Holy and PG----and the s-t debut, I'd add.

          I'd dissent with you about LZ IV. While I also find The Battle of Evermore the somewhat weak tune on that record, I absolutely adore all the rest of the songs on IV. I just realised that LZ IV has arguably the 'best' opening track of all their records. I never will get enough of Black Dog. Interesting to hear you talk of disliking the vocals on Misty Mountain Hop; I don't dig it much either, though not too badly. Ditto for the majestic The Song Remains the Same opener on the HotH album. I was pissed at the vocals, but it did nothing to lessen the greatness of the song.

          Mercury, I'd suggest that, yes, like Echoes, you too ought to give all the LZ albums extended, repeated hearings when you can. Find out if your feelings change about particular songs and albums---as you earlier talked of the possibility of some of the material steadily 'growing' on you.
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            Battle Of Emermore to me is a beautifully crafted song, with vocal magic, it's a great shade of white and prelude to Stairway. Four Sticks is also an underrated song in my book, particularly the bridge in the middle, Plant always had a great way of sounding like there were actualy 2 different singers whne you heard the harmonies on many songs, especially on this classic album.

            Presence - underrated IMO, Achillies Last Stand is epic! I just think the album has a cohesive strong sound to it, I know from interviews with Page, it's one of his if not his personal favourite Zep album. Love Tea For One that closes the album.

            In Through The Out Door should more aptly have been called Out Through The In Door, a pale wimperring exit from an all time great band IMO.
            "Music is so sacred to me that I canít hear wishy-washy nonsense just played for the sake of selling records."
            R. Blackmore