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Soundgarden reunion

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    Originally posted by RLP4ever View Post

    To Sir Ken: I'm not too sure that AIC ever really played too many outright glam rock tunes, even when they were just starting out in the early years. Again, they fast became the multi-genre legends they still are.
    Well songs like Put You Down, & I Know Something About You that ended their Facelift album, were rather different to the opening material on that album. It bears much more resemblance to bands like GNR or Faster Pussycat (imo), and other successful late 80's rock bands. Perhaps it's not full fleged glam. But closer to that then something like Soundgarden, Mudhoney or Tad.
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      The Pulse of Radio
      reports: The music world was rocked on New Year's Day (January 1) by the news — posted at singer Chris Cornell's web site and Twitter page, plus a new site called Soundgarden World — that grunge gods SOUNDGARDEN would reportedly reunite in 2010 after a 12-year absence. But a closer look at what was posted actually says nothing of the kind, throwing doubt on what — if anything — the band really has in store.

      The post reads, "The 12-year break is over and school is back in session. Sign up now. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!" But Knights of the Soundtable was the name of SOUNDGARDEN's fan club, and the message does not say explicitly that SOUNDGARDEN itself is returning — although it is worded vaguely enough to hint at a possible reunion.

      And then there's this: Former NIRVANA bassist Krist Novoselic wrote at his Seattle Weekly blog just before Christmas, "I've heard a rumor about a SOUNDGARDEN reunion at the next Coachella festival in April. As a longtime fan of the band, this blew my mind. So I poked around a little, and — according to an excellent source — the rumor is not true."

      more here -


      I think the fact in this day & age, if the reunion reports weren't true, a retraction from someone representing Soundgarden would come pretty quick.

      And lest anyone forget, the rumors about Judas Priest & Halford reuniting
      were going for close to a year. And for every reunion report, there were denials every time.

      I guess we'll see.
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      The best blueberry muffins I ever had landed 6 people in prison, three for life.


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        In all honesty, I wish all the best to Soundgarden and their fans. But I just couldn't resist to say here, that even just the word "grunge" in all its "crunchiness" brings to my mind the short bit from the movie Terminator, where the metal machine rolls across the battle field and cracks the skulls beneath the tracks...That's how big and powerful real rock & metal is for me, compared to the crunchy grunge...But that's just my way of thinking, forgive and forget if affronted by this comment. I'm just a non-bending metal warrior and I paint these imageries in my head all the time!
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          Yes. You're a warrior. O-kaaaaay.



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            Yeah..Soundgarden and Alice in Chains I never though of at all as "grunge" bands at all. They always had a dark tone to their music


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              I'm hoping they play Lollapalooza this year but would be happy to see them anyway . I have seen Audioslave and Chris Cornell solo and have enjoyed myself at both shows. I was a little turned off at his performance of "billie jean" but you need to grow as an artist i guess.