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    Most metal heads don't like country, and for the most part, I don't either. However, it occurred to me there's enough songs I actually like that I can put together a full CD of them. Here's my "country" list from iTunes:

    1) Garth Brooks - Longneck Bottle
    2) Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
    3) Little Texas - God Blessed Texas
    4) LeAnn Rimes - Blue
    5) Radney Foster - A Little Revival
    6) Garth Brooks - Ain't Goin Down (Till the Sun Comes Up)
    7) Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like a Woman!
    8) Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway
    9) LeAnn Rimes - One Way Ticket
    10) Garth Brooks - Standing Outside the Fire
    11) Faith Hill - The Way You Love Me
    12) Garth Brooks - Hard Luck Woman
    13) Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places (live)

    Obviously, Garth Brooks is my favorite country artist. #12 is a cover of the old Kiss song by the same name, and IMO, Garth Brooks does it better than Kiss does. It's a fantastic cover.

    LeAnn Rimes is there, as oddly enough when her career was just starting out, she was living in the same apartment complex in Garland, TX that I used to live in at the time, so we were neighbors. hahaha.
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    I do like some country but mostly the older stuff by Charlie Pride, Hank Williams Sr & JR, Johnny Cash (was lucky enough to have seen him play 3 times) & Merle Haggard are a few of my favorites. Of the newer acts the two I really like are Dwight Yoakam & Hank III is also good he sounds a lot like Hank SR - I do like his live shows - last time I saw he started by playing all the country tunes (some great covers of Sr's songs included) then at the end of his set he announced he was going to play some Rock N Roll & played some killer stuff that was very heavy sounding - Really like his CD's Rising Outlaw & Lovesick Broke & Driftin - here's some Hank III songs

    I put the dick in dixie -

    Country Heroes -
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      Shania Twain is pretty good. I saw her in 1999 in Nashville.


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        That's a good list Joe. I married into a Country Girl. So I probably listen to a lot more Country then most folks on here. Toby Keith has some real good songs to which I made a whole CD from him and I also enjoy Brad Paisley. I love all of Johnny Cash's music.Today's Country is nothing like traditonal Country. Today its more pop and Southern Rock. Also Joe, if Garth Brooks ever comes out of retirement he puts on one hell of a show. Also agree that Garth does a better job on Hard Luck Woman then Kiss did.
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          I appreciate most all classic country. Today's country is just pop with a slide.


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            I can appreciate a couple of country artists. Willie Nelson has done a few things on radio broadcasts that I've heard, unaccompanied, just him & a guitar that sound pretty great. Not sure if he's released any albums like that. I'll have to look into that.

            I like some of the country tinged pop that came out in the late 90's early 00's. Dixie Chicks, Shania, & Chely Wright. Aside from that I have a Dwight Yokam best of thats cool. There's a blues-rock guy named Chris Whitley that I really dig. He's got some material thats borderline Country.

            I respect Johnny Cash, Hank 1st, Waylon, and some of those people. Although I can't get more then a song or two into it and I just gotta bail.
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              Shania Twain... :erk:

              I do like Garth Brooks though... The Thunder Rolls is my favorite song of his.

              I like SOME country. I like Kansas City Shuffle (local band... sings about drinkin and chicks near constantly, haha), I like Garth Brooks, I LOOOOOOOVE Steve Earle (Copperhead Road's one of my favorite songs EVER, no joke). I like SOME Johnny Cash songs.


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                Garth brooks is the only good country singer i have found. Other than him the country genre is something i like to stay away from.


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                  The only artist I listen to who could be called country is Johnny Cash.

                  Other than that I pretty much stay away from the genre. Except for Zeppelin's Hot Dog, of course.


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                    I grew up listening to my Dad's collection of country music, so I like a lot of the old stuff. In particular:

                    - Johnny Cash
                    - Waylon Jennings
                    - Hank Williams
                    - Marty Robbins
                    - Tom T. Hall
                    - Charlie Rich (Older stuff)
                    - Ray Price (A couple songs)
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                      Originally posted by Malchik View Post
                      I appreciate most all classic country. Today's country is just pop with a slide.
                      You totally nailed it. There's actually a term for it, there's "real country" and there's "hat country," pop with a cowboy hat.

                      I have great respect for the heavy pickers like Roy Clark and Buck Owens, and they're not too shabby in the songwriting and singing departments either - And I also have a soft spot for Conway Twitty, though he was certainly on the pop-side of real country. But for me, more than anything, it's about the writing and performances of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams (Sr). The songs really transcend the genre while still rooted in the culture.

                      Believe it or not, Garth Brooks, often accused of being so-called hat country, really is a talented writer and performer, I just haven't connected with his material all that much.

                      Shania Twain videos are excellent with the sound all the way off.

                      All the best,


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                        I realize I sorta like Brad Paisley too... at least the man can fucking solo.


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                          I wouldn't exactly classify J Cash as country. Not sure what I would classify him as though.
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                            I just never could get into 'country' music, much at all. I don't really think this lack of a knack for country has got much to do with my long-standing, paramount pre-occupation with Metal, as many people would automatically assume. It's just that whatever little country music I have tried out, thus far, a majority of it just irritates and bores me big-time. From the musicianship, to the lyrics et al, country is something I find largely lacklustre and very underwhelming. For the record, I never liked the phenomenally popular Garth Brooks, that so many of you cited here. And Shania Twain, for one, is stupendously samey-samey sounding sucky, to my ears. Willie Nelson is another that just don't cut it with me.

                            However, I'd honestly say that I remember somewhat liking Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings and one or two other guys I just can't remember the names of, right now.

                            I used to quite enjoy the Dixie Chicks (and I swear it wasn't ONLY because of their 'politics' ). Those were pretty swell southern gals and I always liked a bunch of their catchy country tunes.

                            There's also one Reba McEntire that I definitely remember liking a lot, for a long time. I still have a couple of her very cool albums----including last year's Keep On Loving You.
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                              Hmm. I do love some country stuff but I must admit I loath the likes of Garth Brooks, Rascal Flats, Shania Twain , Sugarland & all the rest of the BON JOVI WITH A BANJO brigade.

                              I like the outlaw dudes... Johnny, Waylon (his son Shooter is pretty good too), Willie & Chris... Hank Williams Snr, Steve Earl & his lovely wife Alison Moorer. For a more alternate modern take, Alison's big sister Shelby Lynne has one hell of a voice & I honestly think that the likes of the Jayhawks have a more genuine country heart than most of the opo stars in a funny hat that call themselves country nowadays.

                              And then of course there was Gram Parsons. What a talent... what a waste. I play his solo stuff, his Burrito Bros stuff and less-so his Byrds stuff all the time.

                              I got to meet & talk a little with Johnny a couple of times. He gave me a gift that I'll always cherish. He was a man of religion but repected that I was not. He personified cool. And heart.