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    I remember once avoiding this band like it were AIDS, That was during the years when I was fast discovering, and totally in the throes of thrash metal, for one.

    However, just a few years ago, over an Easter holiday week-end, I finally bought, on a pure impulse, the band's 'classic' album of the eighties, 'Stay Hungry'. I won't write a review of it, except to say that I honestly really enjoyed it. Their 'image' had once put me off, but once I actually heard this rollicking, entertaining album, I realised I was rather wrong about them----this, for instance, was NOT 'glam/hair' metal, at all. I later bought their 'Come Out and Play' album, which while not as superb as 'Stay Hungry', was still a pretty good heavy rock/metal record I liked very much. Dee Snider was such a force of nature, on vocals. And the very impressive Jay Jay French, on guitar, would have arguably gotten far more credit had he been in some other contemporary rock-metal act with a higher profile and sudden superstardom a la Iron Maiden and kind.

    Anyway, these are the only two studio albums I've heard----until I bought their reunion 'live' album, 'Live at Wacken---The Reunion' (2005), at the beginning of this year. That was not half-bad, too. It had to be especially fun for fans who had known and loved the band longer, and far more than I ever had.

    Anybody here a big Twisted Sister fan? Are their other albums just as good, or have I already got their best ones? C'mon you KISS fans, don't be such snobs, say something about Twisted Sister.
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    Been a Sister fan for years. CD's are better than videos for getting into them, at least for me. Their style overruled their substance, since they "hit" at the start of the MTV video era. But the music was always strong. Plus Snider became a folk hero of sorts for me and many other Metalheads when he testified in front of Congress over the whole PMRC crap/flap. Zappa, John Denver and Dee Snider- flying the freedom of speech flag against Tipper Gore and her gang of busy bodies. (Not taking sides here, I stood against Cardinal O'Connor in his ravings about Ozzy & whoever that dunderheaded preacher/attorney was who led the fight against Priest over the teen suicides.)

    Back on topic, I have pretty much been on board with them for 27 years or more. I found them in High School while working at a local radio station doing production work. I heard them before I saw them, as I probably would have never given them a second chance. Sad... but true. After being drawn into kiss at 8-9 years old because of their image and then being PROFOUNDLY let down because of their sound, I have been leary of bands that LOOK like they are trying to get attention. I know they all are, I mean those that REALLY look like they just want to be seen, acknowledged. TS has their stage personas, but they have the music and talent to keep you once you enter their world. Good call RLP!
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      "You're gonna burn in hell!" - pure awesomeness.
      They may be cheesy but god damn are they fun. Their first album "Under the Blade" is another highlight for them I think.


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        Like Jello, there is always room for Twisted Sister. Consider me a fan then. Joking aside, I like the band, but on a GH level, but I soon might pick up a studio album sometime. They do great versions of Dio era Black Sabbath.
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          Under The Blade is very good, IMO.Stay Hungry was also very good. After that they really didn't have much more. They also released a Christmas album as well. Never heard it myself.
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            The Christmas album is funny the first couple of times you hear it, but after that it gets boring.


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              I'll admit to being a fan for many years now - first got the under the blade LP when it came out because Fast Eddie from Motorhead was playing lead on a track & I fell in love with the LP - Tear it loose, under the blade, destroyer all classics - the second LP is pretty good also - always liked Ride to live, Live to Ride, Like a knife in the back & you can't stop Rock N Roll. I have seen them several times over the years - the best was the first time when I saw them on the You can't Stop Rock N Roll tour at Cardi's in Austin with only 30 or so people there - great show Dee was in fine form & I totally loved their version of It's only Rock N roll but I like it. they have never disappointed me when I have seen them live & if you don't have the first 2 studio LP's I would say go check them out

              You Can't Stop rock N Roll -
              Tear it loose live -
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                RLP I won't regurgitate all I've said on this site about the mighty TS. But a serach of my comments here will reveal, I always jump at the chance to praise Twisted F-ing Sister!

                They are seriously under-estimated as a legitimate, and powerful band. Many people assume because of their later videos, they are a cartoonish pop-rock band. But like many of their peers, thats not how they started.

                Furthermore, live in concert they are one of the most energetic and entertaining bands that you can see these days. If you like Stay Hungry, I HIGHLY recommend getting Under The Blade. You Can't Stop Rock is great as well. Also Big Hits & Nasty Cuts & both Club Days compilations are truly great for their archival content.

                Such a great band!
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                  Gosh, I'm glad to see all you guys pitch in here with your views, and basically confirm my own belated recognition of just how crazily cool Twisted Sister really is.

                  I'm convinced I'm gonna have to get 'Under the Blade' as soon as possible. Is that their first album? And I'll also get 'You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll'. Going by the drift of what you guys are saying, both albums should be great listens. Hey, what's their recent 'Still Hungry' album about? I remember seeing it while ordering their reunion live album, online, but I didn't buy it then. And now I recall seeing advertisements of their Christmas album, on this board a few years ago. I'll put off buying 'A Twisted Christmas' until after I hear the other two essential records, first.

                  devstorm, I honestly don't quite remember all your lavish praise of TS in the forums, before. Ha, so before writing this thread last night, I unknowingly already had one big fan guaranteed to post a reply. I can relate to your remarks about how TS were hugely under-rated and misunderstood by too many people. I confessed earlier to being one of them, cos given their 'look'/image, and hearing some random 'singles' and seeing a few videos, I had too quickly and ignorantly lumped them in together with the glam rock/metal losers. Thank god, I came around to giving them a serious second chance 5-6 years ago, and found myself another awesome old band to add to my personal roster of favourites in rock-metal. I definitely wanna watch them live--for the first time ever, sometime if I get lucky. Cheers to ya all!

                  And Tom, kudos for always giving us those video treats.
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                    Yeah Under the Blade is their debut.

                    I am also somewhat guilty of underrating them at one point. I just sort of forgot about them between 86-99. But gladly my buddy loaned me the Big Hits collection which has a handful of live gems, and I was reminded how great they can be.

                    Also Still Hungry is a re-recording of Stay Hungry - recorded & released sometime between 04-05. There's also two different deluxe Stay Hungry releases with outtakes, & newer songs written during the SH sessions but scrapped for one reason or another. Both are interesting. Can't say which one is more worth "The Price" but the playlists do differ somewhat.
                    The best blueberry muffins I ever had landed 6 people in prison, three for life.


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                      Twisted Sister was one of the very few bands that wore make up and was playing sort of conventional heavy metal that I nevertheless enjoyed together with speed/thrash which was mostly all I was hearing after Metallica and Slayer showed up; it is a certain freshness in their music and the complete lack of bad attitude or posing. Most of all, their music was fun, competent, and solid.

                      Then the by-things, like Dee Snyder's big role in fighting those prude mothers led by the wife of that guy who didn't become US Pres and now is saving polar bears or something.

                      Oh, and the hilarious story how they fell out with Manowar who had called them wimps or posers or whatever, and threats side to side and let's fight and so on and so forth which ended with arranging a fight meeting in NYC in the Central Park if I remember well but it's many years ago so I could be wrong, and Twisted Sister were there hours waiting for the True Warriors who never showed up!


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                        dev, thanks for that useful info about 'Still Hungry'. I probably should get that one too, later sometime. I just ordered UTB and YCSRR, an hour ago. Can't wait to soon get and listen to them both.

                        nunoni, that's an outrageously funny tale of that allegedly arranged 'fight' between the two bands. I have never heard of this before, and if you're right it sure sounds really zany. I'm not the least surprised to hear of which party chickened out of it.

                        and the complete lack of bad attitude or posing.
                        That Twisted Sister were no 'posers' is hardly in any doubt...But what exactly do you mean by a lack of "bad attitude". What's 'bad attitude' in any band?
                        "Actors really are the scum of the earth. Their behavior makes arrogant, overpaid rock stars appear positively noble' - Buzz Osborne


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                          Originally posted by RLP4ever View Post
                          nunoni, that's an outrageously funny tale of that allegedly arranged 'fight' between the two bands. I have never heard of this before, and if you're right it sure sounds really zany. I'm not the least surprised to hear of which party chickened out of it.
                          actually I read it in an interview with Dee Snider somewhere in 85 or 86 or something like that, so it was only one side of the story; but as far as I am aware of, Manowar never denied it.

                          Bad attitude - sorry, I meant "arshole attitude", of which there is plenty amongst rock stars.


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                            Can say about the other albums as I've not heard them, but I bought 'Love is for Suckers' because Ronnie Le Tekro from TNT was on it (great guitarist btw) and I loved it!


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                              Twisted Sister's Stay Hungry was another album and band I was into back in the day.

                              Just reminiscing back in my early teen days, been listening to a lot of my old classics from back in the day.
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