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Your fav Rainbow song without Dio?

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    Tearin" out my heart is my all-time favorite. There are others also that I like very much but this one is my jam.


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      Easily Stone Cold.


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        Eyes of the World


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          Originally posted by Dante_Doomsday View Post
          Eyes of the World
          Great song, Graham Bonnet had a lot of energy, it's the only non Dio/Rainbow album that gets a regular spin here and there, I have the entire Rainbow catalog, including the Ronnie Romero material.
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            Originally posted by deranged View Post
            I named my cat Ariel after this song
            A friend of mine named his cat Cymbaline after an old Pink Floyd song of the same name.

            But to answer the question posed originally...

            Probably Death Alley Driver.
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              I think Down To Earth was an excellent album even though I'm not a fan of Graham Bonnet and his strained screaming I like blusier singers I think Stone Cold as I mentioned was Rainbow's best post Dio song it's commercially good has great hooks and Blackmore's solo's are some of his best ever... Rainbow had attained what Ritchie was after Foreigner like sound commercially acceptable for FM radio something Dio Rainbow never was ... for some Reason Ronnie shies away from commercial success ... which is why Blackmore sacked him imo...
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