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Anyone here listen to J-Rock/Metal?

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  • Anyone here listen to J-Rock/Metal?

    Bands like Omnyouza, Do As Infinity, Hitomi, and such?

    Japan has some good domestic product that i've found.

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    X-japan is one of my all time favorite bands. I also like Malice Mizer a lot. When it comes to Horror Punk, Balsac aren't bad at all.
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      How could I forget X-Japan.
      Checked out Balsac. Good stuff.


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        There are several japanese rock bands that I like alot - X-Japan is great as is balsac - I always liked Loudness as well - some of my favorites are Shonen Knife & Electric Eel Shock - both are great live bands.

        Shonen Knife -

        Electric Eel Shock -
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          Here is a song from D-A-I.

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            I like the band Church Of Misery


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              I like Japanese psychedelic rock such as Keiji Haino, High Rise, Acid Mothers Temple. I also like Boredoms and Friction. Super Junky Monkey was cool too.
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