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Amy Winehouse (RIP): anybody here a fan?

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  • Amy Winehouse (RIP): anybody here a fan?

    I first heard her at around the same time I joined this forum board, i.e. back in 2006 when her multiple Grammy award-winning album, 'Back to Black' made huge waves in the fan charts, and among music critics, worldwide. And although I'm generally no great fan of R&B, soul and jazz, there was something fiercely original, constantly provocative and interesting about Amy Winehouse's music, her playing and singing, her persona and her presence at performances that I found a pretty engaging experience. I have both her highly praised albums: the bombshell 'Back to Black' and the debut 'Frank'. She's been in Australia a few times, but I've only seen her 'live' once, very briefly, in 2007, I think.

    While Amy's long-standing, heavily-publicised serious drug and alcohol woes make her sudden demise seem somewhat inevitable, I just think that it's still awfully sad to see anybody ---especially such patently gifted and alluring music artistes like Amy Winehouse--- go out so painfully prematurely. Gosh, to think she was only 27.

    Anybody here any kind of fan of the departed Amy Winehouse (Sep 14, 1983 - July 23, 2011) ?
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    Couldn't agree more. Not entirely to my musical taste but there was something which set apart from others of her ilk, a certain class and presence I can't quite put my finger on, but which I must respect.

    As you point out she was only 27. That age when "troubled geniuses" come to an untimely end, she joins Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix to name the ones I immediately remember.

    RIP Amy
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      Nice post RLP - while not a fan of her music my neice was & I always thought she had a good voice - very sad to see her fall prey to her addictions instead of making more music - 27 is way too young

      I did see this on Blabbermouth - didn't know that Geezer was a fan but very cool that he appreciated her voice & music -
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        Im saddened by the news. I really like the Back To Black CD. It's classy and soulful; but hard boiled, and edgy in its own way at times. I've never heard the previous album but I really enjoy the one I have quite a bit. Her voice just sounded like it had lived a thousand lives before this one. Its a shame she left us.
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          Agreed with the above posts. Not MY personal cup of tea, but an undeniable talent nonetheless. Anyone who can come into the music scene with the same 7 notes plus flats and sharps that everyone else has to choose from and finds a way to make it fresh, I give them all the respect in the world on that basis alone.

          As a Father, I mourn for her parents and the unbelievable pain they must be enduring. My oldest is less than 3 years younger than Amy. He too is a musician with what I believe to be a drinking problem. I hope the loss of a modern day icon will serve to wake up my child and others battling addictions so that they seek out the medical help and counseling which they so richly need.

          If you know someone battling these types of demons, LOVE THEM ENOUGH to say no! It is NOT ok for you to do this to yourself. Your Mom loves you, I love you, your step- parents love you, your brothers and sisters love you, all of your Grandparents love you... Have a clear conscience when dealing with US addicts, we need to know that there are boundaries to acceptable behaviors. Though I never spent a dime on this woman's music, I weep for the loss of a young life.
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            I had never heard of her before she died. That having been said, I am sorry to hear of her untimely and early death.
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              I didn't like her music... of course she was very good singer... but I feel sorry for her dying so soon... she destroyed her life by her own hands, she looked like lately... but Keith was 40 years older and even i see keith really looking better...


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                Good to see you guys drop by and express your own feelings of sadness and regret at the sudden passing of such a uniquely talented artiste like Amy Winehouse. Again, it's a true testament to Amy's immense, compelling musicianship , cutting across genres and fan circles, that even when some of you weren't exactly fans of her music, you still have a certain admiration and respect for her talents and achievements. I've admired and enjoyed very many female musicians over the years; Amy Winehouse was definitely on my A-list all along. I've also heard how Amy's popularity had spurred many people to pay more attention to female artistes, in general. Amy was destined for bigger things, I'm sure. That's why her self-defeating surrender to severe drink and drug abuse leading to her untimely death, is made all the more piognant and deflating. Though it doesn't help to read and hear reports of her death being "unexplained".

                You make a thoroughly relevant, cautionary, and empathetic comment about the perils of drug and drink dependence among our loved ones. You're right about the things you describe in your post; sadly, too many musicians, for example, seem unable to cope and succumb to the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse. And when it comes to your own siblings, children or others in the family, the situation is made more complicated still, fraught with guilt, indecision, helplessness and despair. It needn't be that way. So yea, those of us who are free from "those types of demons" must do everything in our powers to rescue the ones we love from the ruination that abuse of drinks and drugs inflicts on its victims.

                I'm guessing that you'd quite like 'Frank'. It's differently cool, comparative to the outstanding 'Back to Black'. dev, your concluding sentence strikes a chord, in the sense that I've often felt similarly about the bewitching, almost otherworldly quality of Amy's voice and her singing.

                Oh Tom, thanks for saying that my OP was a "nice post". I just wish it was also about something 'nice' and not the death of such a gifted young woman. And hey, that was a neat piece on what a Metal legend feels about a very different sort of musical legend. Geezer nailed it with "Her voice will live on longer than all the crap written about her." Touche, touche.

                We're on the same page, mate. The abrupt ends to the lives of what you call the "troubled geniuses" has been a very troubling trend, down the decades.

                Originally posted by Franklin
                I had never heard of her before she died. That having been said, I am sorry to hear of her untimely and early death.
                All the more reason, then, Franklin, that you might wanna now check out her music, and find out why so many fans, (myself included), mourn her passing so much.
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                  When I first heard "Back to Black", I thought "This girl has everything it takes to be the next Janis Joplin". Unfortunately, she kind of became the next Janis Joplin, except Janis gave us three albums. What a waste :(
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                    I wasn't a fan but I think it is so horrible that this young woman with so much potential for the rest of her life, ended up like far too many others...destroyed by chemicals.

                    Bon Scott, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Bonham, Keith Moon, John Entwistle, Kevin DuBrow...way, way too many to list.

                    If you look at pictures from her in her early days, she was quite a looker. Then compare those images to more recent ones where she looks so wasted and emaciated.

                    I think it is so tragic that this young life had to end this way.
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                      First I heard of it here... not the least bit surprised or as some people on the news have bene quoted "shocked" (give me a break, the woman was a train reck) very talented, but weak, smack will do it, last I heard of her she had cancelled her Euro tour about a month and a half or so ago.. there's YOUTUBE clips of her staggering around on stage drunk/drugged... she had everything Lady Ga Ga has except fortitude and inner strength, a belief in herself... even Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison lacked an inner confidence, Jimi I think had it the most together, I think his OD was pure accident, he wasn't a heavy drug user, didn't mess with Heroin, Janis was a little bit accident / don't care, just get me some smack... kind of thing and Morrison was a flat out drunk and druggie... at least she's better off now than the Hell she was in.

                      You can fact check this, but Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, and now add Winehouse, were all 27 YEARS OLD when they died. Weird....

                      Wow, I happen to see this and didn't realize Kurt Cobain and Brian Jones (Stones) were also 27... the "27 Club".

                      From "TV & SHOW BIZ"

                      The singer's tragic death at the age of 27 puts her in a pantheon of famous musicians who have all died at the same age.

                      Amy follows now joins the notorious 27 Club, also known as Forever 27, which is a group of musicians who have all died at the age while struggling to cope with fame.

                      Club members: Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison are among those who died at the age of 27
                      Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was the most recent victim and in 1994, pumped with heroin and valium, he turned a gun on himself.

                      Decades earlier Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Brian Jones all died at 27.

                      Rolling Stone Jones drowned in a swimming pool in 1969; Hendrix choked to death in 1970 after mixing wine with sleeping pills and singer Janis Joplin suffered a suspected heroin overdose the same year.

                      Doors star Morrison died of heart failure in 1971.
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                        Back To Black is a great album. I really dug her voice and music. It is so pop star I actually enjoy and she has to go and die. I remember the same thing happened with Nirvana, I didn't care for the whole grunge thing but really liked them. Same thing happened.
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                          As inevitable as it seemed, it was still a shocking news to learn about her passing. I wasn't a fan, but it's always sad to see a young, gifted person die. She did have a very distinct voice and style, especially considering the current music scene. My thoughts go out to her fans and most of all her family. Losing your child is the worst thing in this world I reckon.

                          And yes, there seems to be something mystical about the age of 27 with musicians...
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                            Originally posted by -E5150 StarWanderer- View Post
                            I wasn't a fan, but it's always sad to see a young, gifted person die.
                            Pretty much how i feel too. I wonder how many people that young have to die before people see the seriousness of drug or alcohol addiction.
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                              Originally posted by Ochlocracy View Post
                              Pretty much how i feel too. I wonder how many people that young have to die before people see the seriousness of drug or alcohol addiction.
                              Totally agree! But once someone gets addicted to drug and alcohol abuse it's very hard to get out of, at least from what I've heard..