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Now Viv Campbell has cancer, too

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  • Now Viv Campbell has cancer, too

    Campbell said after coping with a "cough that wouldn't quit" he went in for a surgical biopsy on March 11 while in Las Vegas with the band and found out he has Hodgkin's lymphoma. He must undergo months of chemotherapy but feels "fortunate that my cancer sent me an alarm call."
    He sounds optimistic but man, this sucks.
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    ...Wishing Vivian all the best and a speedy recovery. Hopefuly he is responding well to the treatments.


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      The key is early detection. I'm sure Viv has got some good doctors, and hopefully he caught it in time. The treatments are no fun. But I've had 2 relatives survive malignant tumors, or full on cancer in the last 20 years. They caught it in time, and it's bought my family that many more years with each other (For better or worse). Everyone needs to get checked regularly.
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        Hodgkin's lymphoma, same as Tony, isn't it? And them both having played guitar with Dio. Maybe it was something about him (was almost going to use the word contagious here)? Guess we'll have to wait and see if something happens to Richie Blackmore...

        (Please don't kill me, or report me, i'm just a child...)

        No, seriously, though i'm not a fan it sucks to hear news like this. Seems like those of us who's into music from between the late 60's till the 80's are really starting to lose all our heroes in a fast pace...
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          Bad news just keep coming...Viv is one of my all time favorite guitarists. Those first three DIO albums contain some of the best metal riffage and soloing ever recorded

          All the strength in the world for Campbell
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            Not really fan of Vivian; but that's irrelevant here. I read this report (on that same site) and another one called Noisecreep, just a few hours before I saw David's thread here.

            Despite the heavy toll that cancer therapy exacts on a sufferer's body, Viv sounds upbeat enough about his treatment and prognosis. He even goes so far as to say that if you have to get cancer, "then maybe this is the one to get". I sure hope he is vindicated, and makes a genuine recovery. His family and friends and fans deserve no less.
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              Likewise, I'm not a big Viv Campbell fan either, but I am always sorry to read reports of another man getting cancer. I hope he makes a full recovery and soon.
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                Viv was great on those first three classic Dio albums.
                Hoping he has a total recovery.
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