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R.I.P. Bobby 'Blue' Bland

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  • R.I.P. Bobby 'Blue' Bland

    Saw the sad news that Bobby 'Blue' Bland passed away yesterday at 83 - I always loved his voice & was lucky enough to see him play on a couple of tours with BB King

    Ain't no Love in the Heart of the City (some may know this from the Whitesnake cover)

    At least my hair is all mine, My teeth are my own, but everything else is on a permanent loan I'm on a low budget - Ray Davies

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    Bummer. RIP.
    The dog's name is Pete. If he tries to mount you in the middle of the night, say "no" sternly. But don't look him in the eye.


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      My heart sinks south. RIP, Bobby!
      "Actors really are the scum of the earth. Their behavior makes arrogant, overpaid rock stars appear positively noble' - Buzz Osborne


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        thats really a shocking news to hear up, RIP he was a lesgendary we all are going to miss him a lot here
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          He will be missed.

          Two Steps from the Blues is one of my favourite LPs: