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Monster Magnet -Mindless ones (look at the drummers shirt a pic of bill)

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  • Monster Magnet -Mindless ones (look at the drummers shirt a pic of bill)

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    Interesting to see Dave on Bass, even if it is just for the video.
    We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.


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      Monster Magnet is one of my favorite bands; right up there with Judas Priest and Black Sabbath.

      The new CD is fantastic! It didnīt do much for me the first time I listened to it, but now I think it rocks! Iīve heard it 4 or 5 times now; it gets better every time.

      Iīll be seeing MM next month in Hamburg. They are going to play the new CD in itīs entirety live. That is going to be AWESOME!!!!!


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        Originally posted by Judas Priest Fanatic View Post
        The new CD is fantastic! It didnīt do much for me the first time I listened to it, but now I think it rocks! Iīve heard it 4 or 5 times now; it gets better every time.
        Definitely the most underrated album of last year. Wonder why it didn't get a lot of attention cause it is really, really good.


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          The concert in Hamburg was AWESOME!!! Hereīs a copy and paste of what I posted about my experience in another forum:

          What an evening! The Markthalle in Hamburg was sold out and PACKED. I

          personally wish they would have played at a larger location. They probably

          could have sold more tickets and there would have been a little room to


          We got there a little late, only about ten minutes before the opening band hit

          the stage. To my surprise I could still walk right to the front because most

          of the fans were hanging around the bars. Beer was reasonally priced at 3

          Euros for a 330 ml glass; YES a REAL glass! That kind of surprised me

          because at most show they use plastic cups The crowd was very civilized

          and there were no problems that I could see. I have seen some very violent

          crowds in Hamburg

          The opening band was Church of Misery from Japan. I really liked the band;

          they have a 70īs Sabbath kind of feeling. They were very loud, but thatīs

          the way it should be I didnīt really care for the singer, though. He was

          pretty much incomprihensible; but he was really into it and seemed to be

          having a really good time.

          After one full hour of Church of Misery, it took about 45 minutes for Monster

          Magnet to set up.

          When they came on stage Hamburg went WILD! I was right in front of Dave

          Wyndorf (the singer). They played "Last Patrol" in itīs entirety, which was


          I only made it about 3/4 of the way through at the front, though. I didnīt

          have a chance to get something to drink before the show and it was hot as

          HELL in the Markthalle !

          I got something to drink, took out my earplugs and watched the rest of the

          show from the back.

          When they were finished with "Last Patrol" Dave said there was a time to

          relax and listen to a record, and there was a time to ROCK! And then, they

          REALLY rocked the place! Everyone went absolutely crazy. The last song was

          Space Lord, one of their classics. Dave said that since we were in Hamburg

          they had a special guest and a stripper came on stage. The crowd seemed

          to like it.

          After the show I bought a t-shirt and we drove about 3 kilometers to the

          club for the after show party. We waited just over an hour, till about 1 a.m.

          and then the band showed up!! I got to talk to all the band members, shake

          all thier hands and got them to autograph my ticket. Unfortunately, Dave

          didnīt come. i would have loved to meet him too! I took some pictures and

          had my picture taken with all the band members from the offical photograph.

          Iīll post those when I get them from him

          We got home at shortly after 4 a.m.. Since my wife was awake, I sat down,

          had a few beers and told her all abut my evening. I got to bed at 5:30.

          ----__________________________________________________ ________________

          Since I donīt know how to post my pictures here, hereīs a link to the pro photographerīs homepage:

          Just click on "Markthalle Hamburg 2014". In several pictures that he took of the crowd I am clearly visible at the front if you know what I look like. Iīm easy to spot at the after show party with the band. Iīm the guy with the Judas Priest T-shirt, tattoo and a big smile on his face


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            I know itīs a little late but here are the pictures from the show and the after show party:


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