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Maiden: this time I won't support the underdog...

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    Re: Maiden: this time I won't support the underdog

    Sure. in his day DiAnno was a hell of a vocalist. He was never a technical one but he had a raw punk-like energy that was unique for a metal band.

    Unfortunately, there is no much of that energy left these days judging by a handful of DiAnno boots I have listened too from the last couple of years.


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      Re: Maiden: this time I won't support the underdog

      Di'Anno was fantastic in the early days of Maiden... I was talking to the husband of a friend of my wife at a wedding a couple of weeks ago & we worked out that we were both Soundhouse regulars from back in the day... We were saying how different Maiden were back then & how Di'Anno was PERFECT for the band at that time.

      He wasn't the vocalist that Dickinson USED to be but in those early days prowling round a little stage he was fucking awesome. Of course then he got completely fucked up, lost what little voice he had & had to be shown the door.

      Back when Dickinson first joined up I was a huge Samson fan... Loved 'Head On' & 'Shock Tactics', and Bruce Bruce (as he was then!) was much more of a screamer than he was with Maiden... I really couldn't see how he'd fit in but the band changed direction slightly & the rest is history.

      Check out the first two Maiden albums... there are some absolute classics on there that deserve to be in Maiden's set to this day... Some are of course

      They're really NOT that punky at all. Just not what Maiden are today.


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        Re: Maiden: this time I won't support the underdog

        Originally Posted By: El Lobo Rock in Rio is a phenomenal live album indeed. Maybe the best live one for Maiden. The DVD version is especially great when you can see an OCEAN of people just getting literally crazy with Maiden. "Fear of the dark" has never sounded better.

        Yes. "Live after death" is a cult album, and just untouchable as a piece of history, and Martin Birch was a genius producer and all, but Bruce was having a hard time there, struggling with every note.

        The new live albums "Rock in Rio" and "Death on the Road" feature the new improved Bruce Dickinson which sings his soul out without missing a single note and the raw energy is just amazing. Yes there are some problems with the production (especially on DOTR) but those are minimal.

        Another great semi-official live gig is the one at Ullevi, Sweden in the "Early days tour" with the best performance ever by Brucie. "Where eagles dare" , one of the hardest songs to sing in Maiden's catalog was just P.E.R.F.E.C.T that night:
        I agree that those live albums are fantasic, especially "Rock In Rio" and I also believe Bruce sounds better now than back then.

        However, my favorite Maiden live album is "Beast Over Hammersmith". I am not sure why but it reminds me of "Black Sabbath: Paris 1970".
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          Re: Maiden: this time I won't support the underdog

          Dickinson still sound great live, studio it's clear he is not as good anymore or just doesn't put the effort anymore... even when compared to his solo works in the 90's he isn't as good.

          As for Bruce redoing some Blaze songs, I'm not saying delete the Blaze albums (not that many would miss them). They can release a new album of Bruce doing Blaze and Di'Anno songs in studio. (I actually prefer Di'anno singing them than Bruce)


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            Re: Maiden: this time I won't support the underdog

            For those loving Rock in Rio, I agree it's great, but you CAN tell it's the live album they tinkered with most. The DVD even has fake footage of Bruce filmed in a studio! I like it most, but I like the raw feel of the older live releases too.

            I think in the studio he's just fine, but the music sounds very different since they've gone in a doomier and more progressive direction lately.

            On a side note, I saw Blaze the night before last. His guitarists aren't that flashy, but did the job...bassist was outstanding though. Him and Blaze had phenomenal stage presence and REALLY outdid how his Maiden material sounded in the studio. The Maiden songs he did were "Virus", "Man on the Edge", "Futureal" and "Lord of the Flies"
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